Can't progress with saving last refuge

is the last part of “Saving Last Refuge” quest bugged? i did it, dropped 2 idols, but i can’t comlpete it. it say to go back to Elder Gaspar but i cant turn in the quest and i don’t have any idols slot unlocked

Thanks for the report! Do you happen to still have your player log from this session?

unfortunatly no. if it can help, i have this log in which i logged that character and tried again to hand in the quest
Player.log (231.0 KB)

Having same problem, but cant attach the log file, because its more than 6 mb

Zip it then upload it.

Exactly the same thing here. I can’t progress with my character now.
three of us did the quest, two handed it in and it dropped two idols each. The other player couldn’t hand it in, but relogged and came back in and was able to progress but received no idols. He actually has idol slots unlocked, we don’t.

Yes same issue here

If you have any additional information on how this occurred that would be a big help. Did you experience any disconnections around the time this issue occurred? Did someone crash during your progression? Anything that would seem to be out of the ordinary for progression would help a lot in terms of locating the source of this issue.

In a party of 3 none of us could hand the quest in, then one person left the party and in his own instance handed it in. Two of us still could not hand it in so we joined up with him and are currently progressing through with that quest still stuck and no idols unlocked. We have tried doing our own instances but no luck.

Ok, so you just had normal progression from the Council Chambers up to defeating the Boss at the end of The Lower District?

Could you post a screenshot of your current Quest Log with the Saving Last Refuge quest?

Yeah normal progression

Not OP but having same issue. My guess is it has to do with that I skipped a good bit ahead in the act and was doing multiplayer and was receiving and turning in quests and then started playing solo, where I originally left off.

any fix ??

it fixes itself when you get to the bit where you choose your mastery class

Have the same issue. Playing in coop with 2 friends

Same issue, but this has been reported for 3 years now if you do a google search… still not fixed from their beta forum : Saving Last Refuge unable to progress

This is good to know, I’ll pass this along.