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Cant log in to my main account after forum update

account is bankaikiller, cant log in. Thought my email address was set to [Removed —Sarno] but when ever I try to log into my account called “bankaikiller” it doesn’t work, it’s still wanting me to log in using my older email address which I have forgotten the email address, and older password.

Hi! We’ve been monitoring the situation since Patch 0.8b was deployed, and we have made the decision to pull this update to perform additional QA. Your client being reverted to Patch 0.8 when it is once again available will resolve the various issues seen this evening. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

You can re-load Steam and download this rolled back client to play again for now while we address this.

that doesnt make any sense what you just said… I’m trying to figure out why I cant use “bankaikiller”