Can't load any character, game goes not responding

I was playing the game with no issue yesterday and now today i can’t load any character, even new ones. I’ve reinstalled the game twice and checked the integrity 3 times.

I’m on a 3080 and updated my drivers.

Player.log (8.7 KB)

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The log is truncated just before it would usually attempt to setup the graphical components for the login GUI. It isnt providing much information at all… Do you have a player-prev.log in the same folder - its an older file that may have something.

Are you even able to launch the game at all? I am assuming not?

Did the game shutdown correctly or hang/crash after playing last time?

Consider what you say you have tried, I would suggest the following:

  1. Reboot the machine if you have already attempted to start LE since the the last restart
  2. Before restarting Steam or LE, reset the in-game settings by removing the le_graphicsmanager.ini file from the Last Epoch folder
  3. Start Steam and run LE.

If the game starts with the default settings, then its probably one of the known performance related issues - You havent provided a dxdiag or your orignal settings file so I dont know what your system is or what settings you are using, but usually people on 3080s want to max everything out at very high resolutions and lightspeed FPS… Unfortunately the current version of LE is unoptimised and has performance related instability so it cannot always handle it …

If the game still doesnt start then please post the newer player.log - it may have gotten further on the lower settings.

Also… Make sure to disable any Steam Overlays or any other third party overlays, streaming apps - anything that isnt 100% neccessary.,… The Unity game engine can sometimes have issues with other apps so as a test, just dont use anything else.

I would also recommend looking at your View Reliability History report to see if anything happened between yesterday and today in terms of updates/warnings etc… anything that happened to change anything on your system/setup.

Failing any of those suggestions… Please post your dxdiag report (along with whatever newer player.log is generated) - it may have a hint what may be happening at a system level.

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