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Can't install game via Steam on SSD

I bought the game last week via direct purchase from Steam. I tried to download and install onto my new SSD but I kept getting disk write errors (the files that would error were random). I have installed a few different games onto the drive via Steam so I know the drive and my account are both fine. I have since gotten the game to download and install onto my normal hard drive but it isn’t where I want the game to reside. Figured I should let you guys know about this problem as I have seen it with other games in the past.

Hi, thanks for contacting us.
This is indeed a strange problem we have no control on but let’s try to solve it anyway. Please try the following:

  • Check that you have enough space on the SSD for the game to install, steam should do that before installation for you
  • Go in explorer and left click on your drive > Properties > File System. If the file system is FAT this could lead to problems with steam installation and you would need to reformat your drive in order to play on it

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