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Can't edit post?

Just posted a hello thread in off-topic. Decided I wanted to mention something else, but it won’t allow me to edit the post. When I press the ‘edit’ button on top of my post, it redirects to the forum landing page.

Using the ‘Quote’ button correctly opens a new post editor with quoted post already appended to message.

Forum is buggy atm, I’m sure they will fix it anytime soon.

Can you edit your posts now Garr0t?

Hi Mike:

No. I just tried to edit the OP in this thread. It still exhibits the same behaviour.

I should correct my description, as I realize what I was referring to as the ‘landing page’ is the footer at the bottom of every page on this site. Essentially, after hitting the edit button, the frame for the body of the forum disappears, and the only thing displayed is the header and the footer in the page layout.

[hrm. I can edit this post, but I can’t edit my OP]

Hey guys, please continue to report any issues you see. I currently have it so that forum post editing is locked after 30 minutes of leaving it alone. Do you guys think that editing your post at any time in the future is ok as long as we have the “last edited” timestamp displayed?

[COLOR=#688E23]In PoE forums we can edit any time and there isn’t much problem. I think it’s fine.[/COLOR]

I prefer to have the ability to edit/delete posts, as that way I can ‘control’ what information I have shared on the internet. A time stamp for ‘last modified’ is helpful to help other readers in case of hack’n slash shenanigans that can make threads hard to follow.

Often I like to revisit posts to clarify and/or update the posts (especially if the thread is following an event or activity that is dynamically changing).

However, if for administrative reasons you would prefer to disallow editing/deletion, the expiry/lock-in period should be communicated clearly (in the form of a polite reminder) to the forum user each time they create a post (i.e. above the draft box where it currently says ‘You can use BBCodes to format your content.’, so they are aware of the conditions under which they are posting.

What I would like to see more of in forums in general is the archiving of ‘dead’ posts, so they can’t be necroed. I don’t want them hidden from searching or anything, but rather they should be locked down, perhaps after six months of no bumping/updates and a comment added to the thread along the lines of ‘This post has been archived. you can no longer edit or bump this post’.

My experience is as follows;

I’m currently unable to edit the first post of a thread. I posted it less than a minute ago. The forum doesn’t display an error message or anything - I just don’t get a post box when on the right page after clicking the Edit button. Seems like a bug.

I’ve never otherwise had a problem attempting to edit a post - so the 30 minute rule is probably fine.