Cannot view ladder

Alright so this is very annoying. I cant see ladder ingame at all. All positions are just filled with - sign and i cant see my name on website ladder either. Could anyone help how to fix this ?

Could you please attach your log file so we can look into this? Make sure you’ve opened the ladder during your last game session (and it would be ideal to let it run until you level up or achieve an Arena high score, too)

It does usually take a bit of time for the names to appear.

Okay here it is… Player.log (223.3 KB)
It happened multiple times and i highly doubt leveling up would fix that since it didnt happen only once and i definitely leveled. Unless you thought literaly leaving ladder open while having that level up which would be insanely inconvinient and weird. Anyways i have never seen ladder with my character since the first day i started playing.

Now the website noticed my progress so it shows on ladder but the game still buggy and refuses to show me ladder ingame on that character… jeez

Soo??? Anyone know how to fix the ladder ingame ?? Please?

Any news please ?

Can i please get any answer ? anything would be fine really. I have since then created 3 other characters i am missing only acolyte character and every single one of them has this issue.

PS: on top of that i am missing my gladiator ardent or w/e badge on forums despite buying the game on steam and ofc linking it.

I guess i just cant except any answer. :frowning:

For your badge i suggest Customer Service - Last Epoch Forums making a thread over there.

Are you able to chat with people or is the chat dead too?

I can chat. Just ladder doesnt work. On EVERY character that i made. (all except acolyte for now i didnt get to play her. but i did check if the ladder works. so actualy even her.)

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