Cannot use global/local/party chat or any chat

For some reason i cannot pull up the chats whatsoever. The screen is there, it’s just empty, i’ve tried selecting them all in the top left corner. I’ve checked to make sure i didnt accidentally turn it off, and i didnt. The only thing i can notice is in the bottom left where it usually allows you to select global/local/etc it wont allow me to type anything or see anyone who has typed anything…anyone else had this issue??

Having the same problem. Also cannot see any of my friends online and they cannot see me.

Same here, been happening to me for a week or so. I created a support ticket, and got a quick response.

“Our team is aware of this issue and working to get it resolved as soon as possible. As per reports from other players it seems that a couple of game restarts will usually fix the issue temporarily. Please keep an eye on our forums for any updates regarding this problem.”

The restart “fix” though is taking me more than just a couple of restarts. It’s getting a bit frustrating, so my buddies and I may have to play something else until this gets fixed.

Same here… was hoping that today’s patch would fix it, but it did not. :frowning:

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