Cannot move or do anything

Hello All,

I just recently purchased the game. The installer acted weird when installing. I don’t notice any sort of files on my disc drive nor an .exe file that went to my desktop. I click launch after installing and the game opens and I can make a character. Once I am in the game I cannot click to move anywhere nor use the keyboard essentially. I can click settings and change things though. I can also click the chat and type but I cannot press enter. Is there something I am missing to get the game to work?

What does “acted weird” mean?

The game should be installed in program files x86. What do you see when you make a character?

I would have errors like, “Not enough system resources” or “Not enough disc space” both of which I have. Also had the launcher not respond and I clicked the close on windows error but it continued to “install”. I don’t see any files in x86 or anything in the add/remove list. Yet I can open the game and make a character.

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