Cannot complete "Return to the Seer in The Risen Lake" quest

I cleared “The Risen Lake” map in imperial era for several times. But I didn’t see any indicator for npc to talk. I see only portal to teleport back to another era.

Please help.

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At what stage in the quest do you get to?

According to the above link, it should be the last part of this quest.

By the way, I cannot remember clearly about event before this happen. I think I jump to this map via portal from another era. But I cannot find any npc after clear this map. No indicator. I try to enter this map from near maps. But it still be the same. I tried to clear it on next day. It still be the same.

Maybe @Llama8 can help? I am not great at remembering the quests…

The seer is on the left side of the map kinda in the middle. You could either run back from the next zone & do a kinda clockwise U (on it’s side) or there’s a portal close-ish to where you enter the zone from the preceeding are. Not in-game at the moment so I can’t take a pic.

@vapourfire This is the one where you need to “defend the seer” while she looks for Alric then you get sent on towards Harton & the Dreadnaught. It’s also a passive point quest. It’s not too difficult to start defending the seer & head right killing undead then keep killing the mobs in the zone & forget about returning to hand in the quest (done that before) until you get to the next area & it doesn’t update.

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Many Thanks. I just complete all quests except end of time.

PS. While waiting for answer, I play end of time until lv.71. It seems to be very easy to play main missions.

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