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Can`t acces Council Chambers

this is what happening, when i`m using the portal to council chambers.
P.S. found the solution right away, by using the portal.

Just to clarify-- you used the portal (T) to return to the Council Chambers, and this bug happened. Then you opened another portal and it was fixed?

If this happens again please upload your log file. If you’re able to make this problem happen consistently please let us know. Thanks!

I was progressing story line with new character, and i used a portal that was opened by a man in first time rift(don`t remember correctly the name of it).
Actually, after this, i was playing on my main char, doing monolith maps, and it sometimes happened, when i used portal back to end of time.

Player-prev.log (74.3 KB) Player.log (2.3 MB)
here my logs, if u still need them, but i`m not sure, was it in 2 previous sessions, or not…

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