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Campaign - story speculations - major spoilers

The whole post contains major spoilers about the story. If you haven’t completed the campaign yet, you might not want to read that. Do only continue if you’re familiar with all the chapters.


What we currently know from the character’s point of view is:

  • The Epoch, a powerful artifact, has been split in three shards. Rahyeh is currently trying to find one of these shards, which is help by too persons.
  • In the future, there will be an empire of undead creatures. It will be ruled by the Immortal Emperor. In his quest for power, this emperor will create or unleash the Void, a kind of plague that will spread all over the world.
  • In a further future, the Void is everywhere and humanity survives mostly under the surface. The player is sent to that time by the shard they help to protect. Inhabitants of a refuge have a second shard and ask the player to find the third one and reform the Epoch, which could be able to send everybody back in the player’s time.
  • The player succeeds but the reformed Epoch shatteres his world and project him somewhere and somewhen in the End of Time, which seems to be the dead end for all time travelers.
  • The last humans have found out when the Void appeared and they send the player there, asking him to stop the Emperor before he unleashes/creates the Void.
  • After several problems, the player reaches the Emperor, helped by a mysterious woman named Yulia. She seems to fake being an agent of the Emperor. He defeats two of the Emperor’s most powerful and loyal servants then Yulia freezes the Emperor and asks the Player to use the Lance. Trouble is that we know nothing about this lance. Yulia understands there is a time travel confusion, so she sends the player back in the past to find a special lance that could defeat the Emperor.
  • The player arrives in that past, which is his own time. After escaping the place where he landed, he sees Rahyeh defeat Heorot and leave. Heorot tells the player to talk with a woman named Yulia and to bring back a lance that he will bless and that could kill Rahyeh.
  • The player meets Grael, a warrior who was raised by Heorot and who is deeply respected by Yulia. Grael promises to help the player with the Emperor after defeating Rahyeh.
  • Heorot gives his blessing to the lance and tells the player to also get Lagon and Majasa’s blessing. After poorly-friendly discussions with Architect Liath, the Player meets Lagon and convinces him to bless the lance.
  • Back to Yulia and Grael, the player is ready to leave and go to Majasa’s country to get their blessing.

At that moment, the player thinks the two Yulia are the same, but he can’t be sure. Yulia thinks not, considering she would not be allied to an Undead ruler.
So now, the player must get the third blessing, then kill Rahyeh and go to the future kill the emperor, in order to prevent the rising of the Void.

My question is, why kill the Emperor at that moment? Why not kill him earlier, even before the empire exists? It would be interesting to avoid the Undead empire.
And second question, a bit naive… is Grael the Emperor? That would explain why Yulia followed him despite being a “good” person. One of the last times we meet her, in timeline 80 of the Monolith, she is really nice, wants to end negative things and calls the player “my friend”. She is a good person, who respects and admires Grael. Is he the emperor?
So, what? Prevent the Void? Good! Prevent the Empire? Even better! How will the story evolve with the last chapter?

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@AndrewTilley Here’s the post I was referring to. What you found about the Void slightly changes some elements.