Burn Pyro Burn

So, I actually did my first Build Guide ever (consider my neck firmly stuck out.)

I had a lot of fun exploring Runemaster although it was from a narrow window as I sort of had set goal in mind. But then leveling to 96 gave me lots of time to experiment and tweak and re-do and what not.

I’m not an expert player but I do like to tinker. I wanted to share because I’d love to see some of the really good players in here put it through the gauntlet and break it down, tear it up and see how to make it even better.

If you want to see where my gear is currently sitting (not the ‘optimal’ gear in the build guide) the character is Genari, so you can load it up whenever.


Slightly puzzling. Seems to be an ignite build but which has ignored most of the usual ways it could have increased its chance to ignite, which I think is the single most important stat for you (could be wrong).

There’s plenty of places, from gear choice to passives, where you could boost ignite chance.

Ignite is secondary. Spreading Flames is the primary. That’s also why the choice of Aergon’s Plasma. 700% Ignite and 100% Spreading Flames. And as I grow it I am going to try to add a bit more ignite. As it stands, I hit about 100 stacks of Ignite within a couple of seconds. And Spreading Flames takes off and just spreads to everything.

The only skill nodes for ignite I didn’t take are in the Invocation tree. I’ve recently realized the Cooldown nodes aren’t useful so was planning to spec those into their. Was also thinking about ditching

The build place very smooth as it is, after a lot of trial and error. But I like tweaking things to see if I can make it better as long as it doesn’t alter the intended heart of the play style. Would love to see what tweaks you make to it.

Spreading flames does ~2.2x the damage per sec of ignite, so if you’re hitting more than 3 stacks of ignite (which you are), most of your damage is going to be coming from that.

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Oh. Cool. Let’s run it.

EDIT: I’m guessing since Ignite base is 40 and Spreading Flames is 140, the 2.2x means ignite ticks more?

Okay, so I was off. I got to my gaming computer and just did about an hour of futzing about.

Before I was generating about 60 stacks (not 100 like I thought I’d seen). Now I’m getting closer to 90-100. It doesn’t “feel” stronger at the ‘boss level’ (though I’m going to tackle some t3/t4 stuff now), maybe some, but it’s much, much better at clearing the trash I’m walking through melting things, so that’s actually a nice improvement on what I was aiming for with the build.

I moved stuff around like I’d mentioned and one thing about the build is I added an ALTERNATE version about a week ago when I changed some stuff/gear and stuff around so that version was already improved on the original I just hadn’t had a chance to really test it out. Gonna spend a bit more time today on it and add an update.

"preciate the ideas and input. credit where credits due. I’m terrible at this things (which is why this is the first I’ve ever done since builds became a ‘thing’ in LE :D) Given how bad I am at them, it’ll most likely be just as long before I do another. :joy: :rofl:

I am a bit confused by some of the choices you made.

Twisted heart + Exanguinous seem like an odd combination. One wants you to be low life to get the most ward and the other wants you to be full life to get the most ward.

Why the chains of Uleros? It does not seem to provide anything particularly significant that you could get with a less fancy piece of gear.

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Same reason why it took me six years to ever write a build guide.

Because I’m terrible at the game. :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

It’s what felt good. I’m not a numbers guy. I never get the crunch. I play almost exclusively on feel alone. Gets me nowhere but I have fun.

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See, this is precisely why I need you lot to sort me out.

I was fixated on the lich interaction with Exsan. That’s why it was bad.

Swapped out a chest piece with good affixes and it’s 100% better already. Even with 17% phys resist (was on Ex legendary) I’m still melting stuff at 200. Change out the blessing in Rage of Winter to Phys Res and much stronger.

As to the the Uleros, no reason in particular but I have an L3 with these stats on it so despite no Hybrid Health, it still gives me a lot of extras???

The point of comparison would be a normal exalted belt I guess.
compared to an exalted belt with the three affixes you put on the LP.
you get:

  • 12% increased damage, which is nothing
  • some necrotic res, which is nice but not essential (and you could just get it on the missing suffix)
  • deactivate your life flasks to get ward instead, which is useful if you are going the low life route with exang, but bad if you are going the health route
  • reduced stun duration, which is useless

Personally I would go with a nice exalted belt. You get to have a better base with some armour, maybe cleanse.
A lot of ward based builds also use Isadora's Tomb Binding - Set Plated Belt - Belt - Last Epoch Item Database which is very very good.

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Hi, one question: since spreading flames is supposed to be your main damage dealer, wouldn’t it be better to max out the fireball node “spreading inferno” to increase the spreading flames chance from 50% to 100%? I know spreading flames doesn’t stack, but it would prolong the damage each time that it’s newly applied. And how does that work with single target damage, for example Julra?

Given how many stacks of ignite he’s getting, spreading flames might help on packs but the ignit damage is likely 10-30 times the spreading flames damage.

It wouldn’t since it can only apply a single stack.

Probably not, having 50% means that every other hit applies spreading flames which then spreads to nearby targets so those 1-2 points could be used elsewhere to boost damage or cast speed. If it were an ailment that stacked then yes, getting more application chance would be desirable.

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Okay, here’s where it’s sitting now.

Ignite and Spreading flames are not spells. So they do not benefit from the more damage of the spoon and you do not leech from them using black sun blessing.

The leech isn’t for ignite/spreading flames.

But the other point is relevant. Thanks.

Appreciate the help everyone but I think the outcome is obvious. First and Last build guide. I clearly do not understand these types of games even after almost 3000 hours of play time, I think I will be moving on from the forums as well so I don’t give out bad advice which I feel like I’m doing trying to create something this bad and I don’t want to steer folks in the wrong direction.

I hit about 500 in that time. Just putting that out. And I am using Spreading Flames as well, but its damage is irrelevant compared to Ignite. The reason to use Spreading Flames is this: https://www.lastepochtools.com/db/items/UAwhMA5SA

Basically I have chance to Ignite everywhere I possibly could (I think). This means:

Helmet: Calamity
Relic: Soulfire
Boots: Fiery Dragon Shoes (for Ignite penetration)
Affixes: Chance to Ignite on Chest plus Helmet (unless using Calamity) plus weapon (unless using Firestarter’s)

Skill Trees:
Glyph of Dominion (if using): 3/3 Burning Symbol, 1/1 Fan the Inferno
Elemental Nova (if using via Frost Claw): 8/8 Immolation

Mage: 5/5 Ice and Fire
Sorc: 8/8 Pyromancer (I am actually unsure if this one is good value)
RM: 10/10 Circle of Elements

There may be other sources - if I think of any I will add them. For my pure Ignite build, I weight the affixes as follows (from most important / strongest down):

Chance to Ignite
Cast Speed
Ignite Duration
Fire (or Ignite) Penetration
% increased Fire Damage Over Time
% increased Elemental Damage Over Time
% increased Damage Over Time
everything else

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No no no. This is exactly what you should do. You caught me in the right mood because I have been using a very similar RM build and have been fine-tuning it to death, so I was right up for discussion. And there’s nothing I enjoy more than theory-crafting with people who have similar builds.

This is a great thread. We’d miss you.


I appreciate the thought but I think it’s safe if I just go back to READING theory-crafting threads and leaving the actual crafting to those who grasp the nuances of the game far, far better than I could ever do. I can just imagine some newbie coming in and seeing my build up there and going, “yeah, spending all my time doing this” to only a few weeks later come back screaming how terrible the community is for putting up crap like this. :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

I think I should just go back to being an advocate for the game and how awesome the EHG group is. I’m better at that. (at least I think I am and even if I’m not it won’t make anyone bitter. :crazy_face:)

And, I totally agree the thread is turning out great. Everyone has awesome ideas.

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Case in point. I recently, about a week ago, cleaned out a lot of my Exalteds because it was getting to be a headache keeping up with everything. So I thought FDoT, EDoT, DoT would be way more valuable for DoT builds (like how I thought ignite worked) and got rid of a lot of t6/t7 ailment suffix weapons.

Now, turns out, I should’ve kept them. But I’m an idiot.

Out of curiousity, I imagine there’s a balance somewhere between what the ailment damage is vs. how many you can put on.

For example,

If my ignite damage is 50 and I add 10 stacks theoretically isn’t that the same as ignite damage 500 add 1 stack?

So if that’s the case 10 stacks at 500 damage someone who’s base damage is 50 would have to add 100 stacks?

I’m guessing with you saying stack more that getting STACKS is EASIER than increasing Ignite damage?

So if I happen to have an LP 2 Flaming torch with Cast Speed and Ignite Chance on it, that would be an ideal weapon?