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Build Help - Acid Rogue

Looking for some suggestions to help increase my damage. Wanted to go full acid, but it’s missing something.

Should I be complimenting it with another damage type? Am I focusing too much on acid damage? For gear, should I be focusing on damage over time and increased poison damage?

Wiped twice on the Majasa fight, both times in 2nd phase. Both times a one shot.

Going to level something else until I can figure this one out.

Build Link

I changed the weapons to more appropriate ones (chitin daggers for the poison chance implicit, attack speed, poison chance & life on hit/chill) & you want to max Weapons of Choice (poison chance for dual daggers), and get poison chance per dagger on your helm & idols. That’ll increase your poison chance significantly. I also tweaked the Flurry tree to get more attack speed, Shockwave is nice but from memory it doesn’t hit targets that have already been hit by Flurry, so it’s an improvement to the AoE.

Or you could look through this guide:

No, that is just flat out wrong. Bleed is only better for low numbers of stacks, once you get into low-medium stacks poison will always out perform every other ailment due to its 6% uncapped resist shred.

Making a poison Rogue is trivial, I cleared up to lvl 90 monos in mostly lvl 2 gear (except weapons) on a Rogue (some deaths due to PEBKAC) with Umbral Blades.

Thats the easy bit for a Rogue.

For a properly built poison Rogue, the hit damage is irrelevant.

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