Bug dmg

I play for 20 minutes and my shaman character makes hallucinating damages, after a total of minutes the damage that could have gone from 3 / 4k of crit with avalache, becomes on average 200 per hit, having not changed anything in terms of equip or other, is it a bug or some mysterious mechanic?

Hey there!

This does indeed sound like a bug. Could I ask which unique and set items you have equipped, if any? That would help us try to reproduce the issue internally so we can fix it in the future.

This is happening to me as well. I go from 1600 damage to 200 damage and have to relog. Relogging fixes it. The only unique I have equiped is frozen ire. I BELIEVE right after I level up, the damage goes down drastically until I log back in. Maybe its due to the leveling of the Frozen Ire not adding up right when a new level occurs

EDIT: Yes it is right after I level. I can reproduce. Unequiping the Frozen Ire does not help. I have to log out and back in for the damage to return to normal

We’ve posted an update on this bug here;

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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