Bug: Ancient Forest - Ancient Hunt Quest

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I just experienced this.

Expected behaviour:

  1. Enter Ancient Forest
  2. Find Dragon
  3. Kill Dragon
  4. Question completes and tells me to return to the Council Chambers

Actual experience:

  1. Enter Ancient Forest via Rift in Time
  2. Find Dragon
  3. Kill Dragon
  4. Leave Forest
  5. Notice quest is not completed.
  6. Enter Forest via waypoint.
  7. Run a short ways back to dragon.
  8. Kill dragon.
  9. Decide to do it later.
  10. (The next day) Enter Ancient Forest via waypoint.
  11. Run past dragon
  12. Keep running until “a Roar is Heard” triggers
  13. Kill Dragon
  14. Quest complete, says to return to the Chronomancer in the Council Chambers.

While I feel like the “a roar is heard” part adds value to the quest, I don’t think it should be a requirement to complete the quest.

Maybe if you see the dragon on screen you immediately jump to the “kill the dragon” phase?


It’s odd that this quest bugs out for some people, since I’ve never had a problem with it on any of my characters, but one of my friends has. If you still have your log file from when it didn’t work uploading that would probably be useful.


Agreed, I think this is probably my … 10th or more character, and I can’t recall ever having this quest ever bug like this before. My guess is I took the optimal / shortest path to the dragon and somehow managed to miss the zone that triggers the roar?

Hmmm, my log file is 40MB so far exceeds the upload here, and apparently won’t fit in pastebin either.

Any idea which scene ID would correspond to the Ancient Forest?

You can zip it, it should then fit.

Didn’t even think of it, thanks!

Player-prev-prettySureBrokenQuestLog.zip (334.0 KB)

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