Brand new player crashing

Note: I followed the steps to Repair the game. I did Verify Integrity of Game Files in Steam.

Description: I am very new to the game, only <20 minutes played time. I have already crashed twice while in one of the first 3 zones. The crashes happen while I am fighting mobs, using my basic 4 abilities. The only unique thing that I did is turn graphics to Ultra, but that shouldn’t be an issue with my system and I am not lagging before crashes. (116.5 KB)

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I am assuming you are aware that LE is in beta, is generally unoptimised and has known performance related instability. You havent really provided enough info - system info via a dxdiag report or game settings via the le_graphicsmanager.ini - but I can assure you that from what I can see from info in the logs you have provided, your hardware would not be running the game on Ultra quality at high FPS without some sort of instability.

It is a combination of the games current unoptimised state and your specific hardware and settings. For example, if you are not limiting the game in some way, it will attempt to max out your GPU and as a consequence, become unstable when the game demands more in certain situations. And thats not even considering the instances where the game is more demanding of the CPU directly. I.e. a maxed out GPU may be handling ok, but additional load on the CPU can cause a double whammy and make the game crash.

Certain settings like Ultra quality and high or no FPS limit (e.g. 144hz vsync / 144fps) are 100% know to be causes of issues and in most cases dropping these down a notch or two will improve stability dramatically with (imho) very little noticeable difference in playing LE. remember its not a First Person Shooter where every fps matters.

As a reference point. I run an old 1060.i5-7500 setup on Very Low settings with 1080p at 60fps and I have crashed less than a half dozen times in over 2k hours of nromal play. While specifically testing, ff i set the quality to Ultra, I crash - usually by the first or second map. If I set the FPS limit beyond 100fps, I crah or the game regularly freezes.

The above are usually the main issues, but there are also the issue of GPU drivers & OS patches. Old or corrupted GPU drivers are often the cause of instability in LE. As are Windows OS patches. A simple CLEAN GPU driver install can sometimes be the solution to someones problem.

Another potential cause of instability, is other applications running at the time of testing LE. Even things like Steam Overlays (which LE doesnt use) have caused problems on certain setups and should not be used.

The logs you have provided dont give much to work on specifically. The game is struggling with FMOD (which is the audio component) of the Unity Game Engine LE uses - all audio issues are either CPU or driver related, but it could also be that the game is generally struggling because of your high settings (?).

There may also be something else going on on your system - i.e. I have no idea what drivers you are using, if Windows is reporting any other issues that could be related. I would recommend checking View Reliability History on your system to see if there are OS level errors being reported that could be involved.

My simplest answer (having explained things above):

  • Make sure that your OS is patched and there are no failed updates

  • Make sure your GPU driver is no older than 3 months and has been installed with a CLEAN driver installation - not an upgrade. Upgrade installs dont usually resolve GPU driver file problems.

  • Dont run anything else while testing LE. Disable things like Steam Overlays etc.

  • Set the game to 1080p, 60fps framerate limited, All quality settings on Very Low and special features on thier lowest settings or disabled - play at these settings - if the game is stable, then its simply a question of you chosing settings where you find a suitable compromise between quality, resolution, fps and stability. Change settings and test incrementally. Without specific testing and watching what your GPU usage % are during play, I would guess that High quality @ 1080p and 100fps is likely to be stable on your setup.

Hey, so first - I only gave that much information because that is what the recommendation was at this link: I don’t mind you mentioning it, but you may want to push for that to get updated.

I appreciate your help and if I continue to crash then I will attempt these fixes.

I had the idea to limit my FPS to slightly below 144, because actual monitor refresh rate is just slightly below that at 143.981 Hz. Since then I have only crashed one time, after about 4 more hours of gameplay. I am considering that as a solution to my crashing problem. Hopefully this helps other people who try setting their in game FPS limit to exactly 144Hz when using a “144Hz monitor”.

Honestly, you are probably still going to crash every so often.

1 crash in 4 hours is and would be unacceptable to me - I am currently on 2000h/6 crashes or 330+ hours between crashes.

This is especially important considering the repercussions of crashing that can corrupt savegames (i.e. loose all progress). This happens far more often than you probably understand - and while loosing a char may not be ideal, loosing a hard earned rare Unique/Legendary after 300h of farming is likely to make you rage quit.

LE is not a first person shooter - it doesnt need or benefit from 144fps and the improvement in stability in reducing fps far outweigh the minor benefit you would perceive from extra frames.

Changing from 1 fps because of how your screen handles the Hz is not the problem. I can assure you - I have been helping here for over 2 years now. The issue is preventing the game from maxing out and the wheels coming off. This has been proven time and time again, even with people running the barely capable minimum requirements to those priviledged to run on 3080/3090 GPUs and maxed out 12th gen and Ryzen cpus. Just go read through old forum posts (yes, mostly answered by myself) and gauge for yourself how people have improved things by being conservative with their settings.

Without considering the obvious balance between quality/resolution/performance, dropping down to 120 or even 100fps will improve stability dramatically and imho, you will not even notice the lower fps.

Obviously its up to you - some people like to live on the edge even if there is no benefit to doing so and a good potential for disaster.

Perhaps 0.9 with all its performance improvements will help - but only time (and testing) will tell. and we have no idea when that patch will drop.

Oh yea, I didnt set it to 143 Hz when I said “slightly below”, I actually set it to 120 Hz. I have crashed about 6 times now in 31 hours of play - agreed that this is unacceptableand I am still playing the settings. I don’t really like that this game can’t run at 144 Hz and Ultra graphics when I am running a ryzen 5600x and rtx 3070 ti. I know nothing can be done about that, but it seems like my system should be able to push graphics in a game like this. I have put it through other games that seem to be way, way more intensive and it runs just fine. But hey, I am enjoying LE a lot anyway.

Its not your system. (Usually not a well maintained and up-to-date system anyway). Its the state of the game right now. I have been around long enough to experience the improvements with patches over time even on my old system so its definitely less about your hardware. I liken it to a sportscar that hasnt been tuned yet. Redline it and something breaks. Only difference is that better parts (hardware) can handle it slightly better than older but the problem still exists for everyone.

If you are still messing around with settings, I recommend starting at the bottom and working up incrementally - thats worked for me and others with issues. Its simple, set it at the minimum resolution you want to play at, and then scale up quality & fps settings whilst gauging stability. You will eventually find a good compromise on your hardware that is stable. And, if you are observant enough, you will probably notice that there are very little visual differences between certain quality settings but massive performance / stability changes. E.g. most people wouldnt notice a visual difference between High/Very High/Ultra but they will definitely notice other things. Also, certain special features like grass/shadows etc can make a noticeable differnce when combined with other settings so dont be afraid to toggle things.

0.9 is a merge of two versions of the game - standalone single player (which we are all playing now) and the multiplayer version which they have been dev’ing internally. Its the first time that the devs have committed to performance updates (beyond incremental ones) across the game so I have high hopes that it will be much better on the performance side. Only thing I am worried about is that the merge into one version may introduce new performance issues (not even thinking of the network/mp related ones). Hopeful tho. EHG devs have proven to know what they are doing in the past.

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