Bow - class restriction?

Is it already known which classes could use a bow once added?

I am envisioning a beastmaster ranger with a bow and his pets…
It will be very nice!


I could also only imagine a Primalist running around with a bow just by the class archetype. I think bows will get their own implicits like +x range physical dmg, since melee, adaptive spell/spell (maybe only as hybrid), throwing dmg and all the other flat dmg sources would not make sense. If so, they need to rebalance all the passive trees/skills to make bows usefull for other classes, otherwise there would be limited ways to scale the dmg. So i expect bows as rogue class only. But you never know… :wink:

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So you don’t expect the Rogue to use a bow? Given one of her masteries is the Marksman? I wouldn’t really have said the Primalist would have a bow since none of his current skills are ranged.

Rogue of course, sorry i meant Primalist as another base class only. But, yes of course Marksman is pretty much the go to Class for Bow

If we’re going with a kinda medieval level of technology, I’d expect the Primalist (hunting bows) & Sentinel (war bows/etc) to be able to use a bow as well as a weapon, though that would require reworking their skills as well since none of them at the moment would really fit bows.

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Good point! But imo they have to rebalance passive points and skills in general if they also add dual wielding. I think everyone expects bladedancer as the dual wield go to subclass for now, but as we can see in the character selection screen, the primalist has 2 axes in the hand. So primalist will get some dual wield nodes, so why not add bow passives aswell. I can also imagine Bladedancer getting some love with throwing attack dmg since throwing daggers would be another badass playstyle. We will see some cool changes around all classes i think once they add bows, daggers and dual wield in the future.

I’m pretty sure EVERY class can use a bow like every class can use every weapon anyway. The class that makes most use out of it may be the rogue no matter what.

Of course, if they add throwing damage affixes on bows, you could do a shield throw build with a bow…

Yeah. Shield throw without a shield with a staff equipped is already in. Imho shield throw should be restricted to using shields only.

I’m curious if bow is a 1h (with a quiver) or 2h weapon. 1h with quiver would be my favourite.

Also adding some throwing weapons would be nice. Give the Sentinel a hammer that he can throw. Or an Axe.

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I know. It should be restricted to requiring shields, but shields should also (IMO) give throwing damage as an implicit.

It should require shields yes but I still think a shield is the worst item to equip if you want to throw stuff.

I never saw a classic bow that was useable with one hand ^^. Maybe we’ll get some onehanded repeater crossbows who knows but I realy hope they stick with normal bows and crossbows.

I’m pretty sure they stick with bows and maybe crossbows since you can already see monsters attacking with them.

Yeah… It’s not that I think the bow really would be a 1h weapon :sweat_smile:. Just would be the easiest way to implement a quiver as an item with some nice additional stats. Just thinking of how Bows worked in D2.

i’m so happy that we don’t have to pick up arrows and bolts anymore after d2^^

You can still have bows as 2-handers plus quivers as PoE does.

:sweat_smile: Whoops… forgot about that. Nah, I was just referring to the quiver thing. I really don’t want to be forced to buy arrows in town.

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i know i know :slight_smile: yeah i would be happy just having bows, crossbows and quivers. Was never a big gun and one handed repeater crossbow fan

Ok guys… It’s not important for me if a bow is 1h or 2h. Just think quivers would be cool. No matter how they are implemented :nerd_face:

Oh, I remember somebody of the EHG staff mention they won’t implement guns. Does not fit their design plan.

If they implement a quiver the Bow needs to be as weak as 1h weapon and i don’t think this will be helpfull. I think it would be enough to have a visual quiver as soon as you equip a bow. A quiver as an item… nah thx.