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Bought new computer and logged in but almost EVERYTHING is gone

I still have my old pc which I have not checked and I am hoping there is some way to do something with it’s data if you can direct me but I bought a new computer and logged into Last Epoch as usual on my steam account and discovered I only have 4 characters (I really have many) and ALL but by first stash tab are GONE. I paid for close to 30 and have them all full but the last one to the last square.

It’s the same steam account that I have had for years I don’t understand if everything is online and uploaded to your servers why everything isn’t there but apparently it’s not.

Can you please help me learn how to upload the data from my old computer so I can download it to my new computer? If I have to start over from scratch after all the time and effort I have put in only to lose everything I will quit. I’m sorry but that’s not cool. I have a LOT of uniques and tier 6 gear in my bank on almost every page at this point and some characters that I really loved. Now I have four characters that I started the game with before I knew what I was doing.

I would greatly appreciate the help.


All savegame & stash information is stored locally on your computer… Nothing is stored online by EHG right now (this will only be available when Multiplayer features launch)… So if you didnt backup your savegames from the old system they could very well be gone. If anything happened to the local files (e.g. deleted, corrupted, moved) then this will obviously affect the game…

If you use Steam Cloud saves, then it all depends on what Steam has stored online (link to webpage explaining it and how to see what Steam has stored for you). and when last it was able to do a proper sync… (assuming of course that it didnt fail - something that is very possible with Steam Cloud).

The files are in the following LOCAL folders depending on how you have setup your system:

If you have cloud saves enabled your character files will be in folder:

WinAppDataLocalLow/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Saves/

Otherwise they will be in folder (hidden by default):

[DRIVE]:/Users/[USER_NAME]/AppData/LocalLow/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Saves

If you still have access to the old computer, then you can copy the files across to the new ones… just be careful of steam cloud syncing while you do this - it might mess things up if it gets confused.

That rocks! Thank you! I still have the older pc and it works fine. It’s just a little out dated and the video card (which is integrated) cannot keep up with games like Baldurs Gate 3 etc. It plays fine with Last Epoch but here in the past week with the release of Windows 11 (which I am avoiding like its the plague) I did a hardware evaluation to see if I could run it and updated all of my drivers. While updating my drivers, my AMD intergrated chipset (radeon RX5) and the software package that got updated along with the drivers checked the drivers and hardware against all of the games in my system. All of the games but two failed miserably. My pc is less than 4 years old too. I had thought to just buy a new video card but then I discovered that the minimum video card to run BG3 requires pci-express 4.0. My system has 3.0. In addition to that, I went looking on Amazon and New Egg, etc trying to find the best video card and power supply I could to upgrade to and I couldn’t find any that were pci-express 3.0 that weren’t ridiculously overpriced considering that the systems are completely outdated at this point and are legacy items. The cards were like $200. I tried looking up pricewatch and they didn’t even come up anymore. I don’t know if they exist and the site was having issues or whether they gave up and closed down. In any case, my files are fine. I just need to copy and past. I just didn’t know What to copy and paste lol so again thank you very very much.

Oh by the way, On the new pc, I have turned steam cloud syncing OFF for now.

Hardware… well, with all the supply chain and chip shortages & GPU price issues due to supply/demand/scalping, now is unforuntately not a good time to change hardware… System requirements for BG3 are not particularly high - a 1060 6gb is still fine (recommended spec on Steam right now for the EA version) and thats a pci 3.0. It all depends on what settings you want to run the games at… The only reason to go pci4 would be for future proofing and taking benefit of new tech (if you really need it). One thing that you must never do… Dont play games on integrated GPUs - you need discreet GPUs for anything other than wordprocessing & youtube…

Steam Cloud off - I never use it anyway - Just remember to make backups of your savegames / stash - I make backups before I play any game (especially EA ones) just in case… the worst that can happen is I lose a single playsession of progress…