Boss is shuting down my PC

Hello guys, first of all few thouths about a game. For me game never crashed, played 40 hours so far on steam, and about 20-30 using launcher. In that time game never crashed, I have fps drops, but never crashed. Then I got to boss in chpater V I think called Spymaster Zericki, soon as I come near to him game shuts down entire PC and happens only on same place on same boss.
I tried to pass him in patch 0.8 I couldnt, I tried it again on 0.8D same thing I just cant pass this part of the game.
I know its beta, just hoping you will solve this issue so I can continue my progress.

Game is amazing, I like it alot, I dont care much about this issue, you will fix this eventually just wanted to let you know.
Best wishes and keep up the good work, so far this game is very promising.

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