Blood Tether Debuff won't stop killing me

Leveling a new toon in Maj’Elka and got the Blood Tether debuff from one of the mobs. I killed the mod, potted up and started running, but realized I was still debuffed. It killed me a few seconds later due to no pots, so I re-spawned in the zone. After a few seconds, it started ticking again and I died shortly after that due to Blood Tether again. I re-spawned a second time and TP’d to End of Time, where I died again to Blood Tether. Respawned one final time and it happened again, so I logged out.

Logged back in and am now fine, but man did that suck!

I just had the same thing happen to me.

It happened again when I kept progressing through the main quest line. You need to log out to get rid of it. Luckily I had enough leech on my toon to finish the story and hit End of Time, so I just re-logged again.

Which version are you on? We implemented a fix for this issue in a previous update but we will look into it if it’s happening on later versions.

This issue is happening on the patch from today, 0.7.0G.

I was playing on 0.7.0F earlier, and saw the patch notes on Reddit so I closed the game and updated. When I logged back in and went back to Maj’Elka, that’s when it occurred the first time.

I’m not sure if it matters, but I am playing on Steam too.

I can confirm this happens in 0.7.0G, non-steam version.

We’ve found a fix for this. In the mean time, it appears to be specifically Blood Tethers from Oculorum Mortis enemies.

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