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Blood spires in echoes

Please delete or change blood spires in echoes. I’m experiencing great loss in performance.
Every time a the ball hits the ground my fps drops from 60 to around 15 till it dissapears. It’s so irritating.


Dont think they need to drop the spires entirely… Just removing something from the game if it causes performance issues isnt really a good way to approach things - the game would have nothing in it if that was the solution to fps drops.

Personally I dont experience issues with the Blood Spires - for me its the Moon Spires (which the devs have confirmed is a known issue).

To help the devs trace the issue:

  1. please can you include your in-game graphic settings, dxdiag and player logs… This will help the devs understand under which conditions its happening and understand your personal systems performance capability and which settings you have active. It may end up being a particular setting that causes the FPS spikes but it would be difficult to trace without some informaiton from you.

  2. please provide a description of the situation you are experiencing with a little more detail… I.e. is one spire ok and three causes problems… are you using specific builds with lots of skill effects at the same time. is the fps loss from the whole animation of the spire attack or is it specific to the ground pools etc… Sure you get what I mean - if anyone is going to try and replicate the issue then they need to know what you are doing.