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BLESSINGS - rework / QoL

Hello there,
i think it would be great addition into the game, that after i complete timeline i choose 1 blessing (like now) what i want to choose / replace / keep and 2nd blessing what i want to unlock for future switch / change. Those unlocked blessings will be available in “inventory → blessings” and switching to them will be for example 100k gold fee.

This way when i want to switch build or choose another blessings which fits better for my actual / newly acquired gear, wont be so punishable like now, cause when i want to change blessing, i have to do whole timeline again, pray for getting that concrete blessing and pray for good roll.

This would bring more variety into the endgame. What you guys think?


I like this idea and I think I might have suggested something similar before.

There is still a point for people to grind mono to max out the blessing values we get. But at least it’s not annoying to keep grinding mono just to switch between blessings. It also makes the blessing tab more functional - currently it is just a “trophy room”.

So +1 from me.


Yes, exactly my thoughts.

This change wouldnt remove the hunt for min/maxing values, but adds more QoL.

That’s a great suggestion.


If the blessing is a repeat at least it won’t roll lower than the current one in the known blessings inventory.

I dont understand, you are suggesting this or you think its working like that now?

That’s would be neat indeed

I was just thinking the same yesterday. Its bad enough having to grind quest echos with RNG component in order to unlock them. Making the player do this again (possibly dozens of times) just to make a change to something they had previously unlocked is too much.