Bladedancer is dead?

At test server bladedancer get nerf spin blades and nerf shadow daggers. So what blade dancer have for that? Shuriken buff? What build for baldedancer are we can still play at 300 corruption+ and t4?
I think that bladedancer have only flurry to play at high content. Other builds are hard to play or unplayable at t4 and 300+ corrution in my opinion.

P.S. After check changes from “Shadow daggers effect” to “Shadow daggers penetration” it still give you additional damage. So only spin blade get nerfed.
But anyway class have only 2 builds that people can play at high difficulty content and i think that is bad.

When things get nerfed, why do people always look for other skills?
Just because something got adjusted doesn’t mean it’s unplayable.

Balance is meant to brings skills in line with each other.

I really hope the LE community will not be on the same level of the PoE community, where adjustments are moaned upon and skills cdeclared dead" because it’s doing 5,14532% less damage then before.


About time it got nerfed lol. Just deal with the skills now being resonable.

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Dude i dont cry or some thing. But i playing shadow daggers and spin blades builds. Spin blade main direct hit ability blade dancer have. You can chose only 1)flurry 2)shurikens 3)Spin blades 4) puncture for direct dmg. 3 of 4 greatly reduce youre mobility. 2 of 4 almost have no dmg at high rates. It will be fine if spin blade get nerf. People with bleed/poison build, with sheald and 6k hp cant kill boss in 1 minute now, it will be 2 minutes (Becouse from 6 hits we now get 3). But why did devs nerf shaddow dagger? Shadow dagger have only 2 direct abilities in game spin blade and puncture. And now devs nerf shadow dagger dmg by 50%(by remove shadow daggers effect form game) and then nerf 1 of 2 direct abilities. Shadow daggers should have dmg to be a good build so u cant make youre character tanky. You have 2-3k hp and almost get 1 shot from t4 bosses and now you cant make enough dmg to kill the boss before random boss skill one shot you.

Already did and i can tell u that shaddow daggers now dead for 300+ corruption and it dead at t4 bosses now. Patch 8.5 shadow daggers have 120k dmg ± and 4 triggers in 1 target (60% from spin blade hit) so u make 120k dmg to boss direct in 1 sec(480k in 4 sec). Now you have 60k dmg and 3 tirggers so 180 k dmg in 4 sec. Build now almost dead for anithing then clear low rate maps. And what do we have for high content as bladedancer? Only poison and bleed build with spin blades or flurry.

Shadow daggers are dead, yes. Umral Blades was the only skill that could apply stacks quickly and Sync Strike->Umral Blades combo costs too much mana to be sustainable.

Bladedancer is still a very good class. Just don’t play with Shadow Daggers.

That is a question. What build u can play at high rates? Not normal, not 100 corruption monos. At 300+ corruption or t4 bosses where if u have no dmg u are just dead in metter of minutes. What build have dmg? My opinion only poison and bleed. We have class that have only 1 good build? Is that good? I dont think so. Shadow cascade - support skill have no flat dmg only shadow daggers helper. Synchronized strike - same but help for bleed/poison build to create spin blades - have no flat dmg. Lethal mirage heavy mana cost long cd only Dreadfull(streamer) playing this sometimes - dead as main build skill. Dancing strike have no dmg and make u lose youre mobility - dead skill. Decoy - high cd even with relic (6 sec - 3 with 2 stacks) make no dmg at high rates. Ballista - just dead. Puncture - support skill. Acid flask - support skill. Cinder strike - playable only with archer dragonsong build. Shurikens - have no direct dmg or if they have direct dmg u lose all youre mobility, dmg is too low. Mostly support skill becouse of armor that rogue needed. So only flurry with bleed or may be with crit, but crit flurry much better for archer.

While i agree with you, 514532% is an aweful lot.

Bring it in a line.

Realy? You are salty because the specc you play got brought in line with most skills but there are other ones that will end up on the chopping block and get nerfed even more?

Sorry but the last time I heared such a thought process I went to a Kindergarden to get the kids home to their mom… no offence man but this is childish.


Shadow Daggers is very not dead…


If only Sentinels had to endure such problems.

Did the Shield Throw + Manifest Armor build get nerfed? It’s been awhile since I actually looked at the meta.

Please tell me, what were the changes?

I dont get salty or what. I just dont understand why some classes get only nerf and nothing more. When the others classes get new items and skills and still have builds like this.

Tell me, what changes have been made to the online version? There is no description anywhere :frowning:

Spin blade - each enemy can be hit by only 1 spin blade, but spin blade make 3 attacks in sec instead of 2 . So at 8.5 boss get 6 hits in second now only 3. “Shaddow daggers effect” was removed from the game - t6 shadow daggers effect gives you +110% for shadow daggers dmg.

Shadow Dagger Effect was replaced with Phys Pen for Shadow Daggers.

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So? I can reduce enemy resist with my skills i dont need pen. Pen give me may be 30% dmg max.

Yeah that’s not how Pen works. Enemy resistance can go below 0, so additional pen still increases your damage.

Edit: On a side note, I think it’s interesting that one of the reasons Effect was removed is because it wasn’t considered easy enough to understand yet we have a clear example here of how Penetration can also be unintuitive.

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