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Bladedancer - Corsair Set Bleed Umbral Blades Guide 0.8.5 - 100% Block | 3 Million Dps | Face Tank T4 Julra



  • This is a Bleed DOT build featuring the Corsair’s Set and Umbral Blades.
  • If 0.9 the Poison UB is over-nerfed, the Bleed UB will be a good choice for transformation
  • Using the Corsair’s Set effect and the Dusk Shroud effect to obtain 100% block chance and 100% Glancing Blow chance, so that we can obtain a higher stable damage reduction, and we can face tank most of the skills during boss battles.
  • This build sacrifices a lot of damage boosting resources to ensure hard enough survivability, and its theoretical damage cap can be very high (maybe double?)


Enough to complete all game content
  • can easily complete 200 corruption timeline and T4 dungeon
High damage
  • the peak damage to the dummy is about 4 million, and the average dps of the whole process is about 2-3 million
High Survival
  • EHP during boss battle is about 10,000 or more, and can face tank most of the damage skills


Core gears cannot be acquired quickly
Excessive damage is sacrificed to ensure survival
  • requires several advanced blessings of resistance, requires a large number of health affix idols, and requires several specific basic types of equipment to supplement resistance (4T5 equipment is extremely difficult to obtain)
Need to learn to manage mana
  • the damage cycle is accompanied by huge mana consumption, and other skills need to be interspersed to restore mana while dealing damage

【Build Planner】



My Character


Bladedancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.5f) - Last Epoch Build Planner

【Damage mechanism】

1) Umbral Blades


  • UB gets more damage bonus based on the number of Dusk Shroud stacks the player has, usually we can maintain 8-15 stacks of Dusk Shroud to get 128~240% more damage.
  • Each use of Synchronized Strike can generate 4 shadows, and the passive Umbral Assault 4/4 of the Smoke Bomb grenade generates 1 shadow per second.
  • Every time player uses Synchronized Strike + Umbral Blades, it will ideally cause a total of 39 hits (1 player * 4 + 5 shadows * 4 + extra 5 * 3). That is, 39 hits are caused by the release action that takes 1 second.
*! Warning : Contains very very much text
  • Umbral Blades has a 40% less chance to trigger by default, and this penalty applies to both UB and its derivative effects (except recall, which is not involved in this build).
  • Passive Edge of Obscurity 4/4 will give UB more damage bonus based on the number of Dusk Shroud stacks the player has (DOT benefit from it), usually we can maintain 8-15 stacks of Dusk Shroud to get 128~240% more damage.
  • Passive Sword Thrower 1/1 converts the default UB to a single large UB per throw, the large UB will deal 250% more damage (including hits and applied DOT).
  • Passive Cacophony of Steel 1/1 makes large UB convert into Bladestorm, UB will stay on the field and spin to cause 2 hits per second (hit frequency is not affected by other factors). Bladestorm can only exist 3 at the same time, but UB that exceed the limit will not disappear immediately.
  • Passive Explosive Blades 1/1 make any form of UB explode immediately when it touches the enemy / exceeds the duration / exceeds the limit of the number of existences, this explosion is consistent with the bonus on the hit of the UB itself.
  • The passive Burst of Agony 4/4 grants an 80% more bonus to UB’s explosion based on the duration after the UB is thrown at the target location (both hit and DOT damage are affected). Since the UB has a 0.5 second arming time, even if the UB explodes immediately, there will be a 0.5*80%=40%more bonus.
  • With the above 4 passives, when the player throws a single UB at the enemy with a 167% chance of bleeding (actual chance=167%*0.6=100%), it will cause 4 hits (1 time during the throwing flight + 2 spins + 1 explosion) and applies 4 stacks of bleed.
  • Each use of Synchronized Strike can generate 4 shadows, and the passive Umbral Assault 4/4 of the Smoke Bomb grenade generates 1 shadow per second. When there are shadows on the field, they will follow the player to use UB (ie SS+UB = 6 UB per throw). Shadow thrown UB are approximately equal to large UB thrown by players, but deal 300% more damage instead of 250%.
  • When there are 5 shadows on the field and UB is used, there will be 6 Bladestorm-UB briefly at the same time, 3 of them will explode quickly because they exceed the number limit, but they can still deal the full 4 hits each (1 throw + 2 spins + 1 explosion).
  • Passive Umbral Remnant 1/1 will release a UB on their location when the shadow disappears, the UB is treated as a character use instead of a shadow. At the same time, the UB does not seem to have a throwing flight process, so most of the time it will only cause 3 hits at most (2 rotations + 1 explosion), and some of the UB may explode while moving because the shadow is too far from the enemy (lost spin hits).
  • To sum up, every time a player uses Synchronized Strike + Umbral Blades, it will ideally cause a total of 39 hits (1 player * 4 + 5 shadows * 4 + extra 5 * 3). That is, 39 hits are caused by the release action that takes 1 second.

2) Dusk Shroud


  • Each stack of Dusk Shroud lasts 4 seconds, and will make UB gain 16% more damage bonus due to UB’s passive
  • Each stack of Dusk Shroud lasts 4 seconds, and will make UB gain 16% more damage bonus due to UB’s passive
  • Smoke Bomb’s passive Rapid Concealment 4/4 allows players to gain 1 Dusk Shroud per second
  • Bladedancer passive Veil of Night 5/5 and body armor prefix Nightfall, allowing players to gain 1 stack of Dusk Shroud when hitting an enemy with a melee skill (usually Puncture/Synchronized Strike)
  • Bladedancer passive Shroud of Dusk 8/8 and body armor prefix Dusk, so players get 1 stack of Dusk Shroud when they are hit
  • UB passive Dawnfall 4/4, players get 1 layer of Dusk Shroud every time they use UB and hit an enemy (note that each use can only trigger once, it will not trigger multiple times due to multiple hits caused by a single use)

3) Bleed


  • Key damage affix: Bleed Chance On Hit, Bleed Effect (Crit damage), Bleed Duration.
  • Secondary Damage Affixes: Physical INC, Dot INC, Dex.
  • Bleed Chance about 700%.
  • Bleed Effect about 80%.
  • Bleed Duration about 70%.
  • This build uses the high hit frequency of the SS+UB combo to apply a large number of stacks of Bleed to the enemy to cause physical Dot damage.
  • Key damage affix: bleed chance on hit, bleed effect (crit damage), bleed duration.
  • Secondary Damage Affixes: Physical INC, Dot INC, Dex.
  • Bleed Chance source: a total of about 700%. Relic Valdyr’s Chalice, Weapon Suffix, Puncture Passive, Synchronized Strike Passive, etc.
  • Bleed Effect source: about 80% in total. Helmet Corsair’s Blood Cowl, Gloves Salt the Wound.
  • Bleed Duration source: Total about 70%. Helmet Corsair’s Blood Cowl, Relic Valdyr’s Chalice.

4) Other

  • Shift passive Consumed by Shadow 3/3, get 15% Culling ability (important for Boss battles)
  • Through Timeline Blessing Grand Fury of the North, use high-frequency hits to stack 20 layers of Shred Physical Resistance, reducing the enemy’s physical resistance by 100% (only 40% for Boss).
  • Through Puncture’s passive Efficacious Toxin 2/5, apply Efficacious Toxin to the enemy, causing them to take 10% more Dot damage.

【Survival mechanism】

1) General properties

  • 2400~3200 health.
  • All resistances are 75% (except poison).
  • Smoke Bomb passive Blood Bandit 3/3 and passive Spell Breaker 5/5, apply 3 layers of Frailty to the enemy, reduce the enemy’s damage by 18%.
  • 60% Endurance for more one-shot EHP (10/07 added)

2) Special mechanism


  • 25% less damage while moving.
  • 100% Block Chance
  • 100% Glancing Blow chance
  • Passive Agility 5/5, takes 25% less damage while moving.
  • The 3 stacks Crimson Shroud from the Synchronized Strike passive Crimson Storm 3/3 makes the player take 15% less Dot damage.
  • Corsair’s Set effect will convert all default Glancing Blow chance to Block Chance (due to passive Apostacy 1/1 effect, the Glancing Blow chance converted from Dodge chance will not be converted to Block Chance twice).
  • The 100% Block Chance comes from: Corsair’s Boarding Shield, passive Dodge and Parry 5/5, passive Cloak of Shadows 8/8, 10 stacks Dusk Shroud.
  • The 100% chance Glancing Blow comes from: passive Apostacy 1/1 (dodge add + dodge %).
  • 1000~2000 Block Efficiency, when hit by the enemy (ineffective against Dot damage), the block is triggered, and the damage received is reduced by 35~50% according to the block efficiency.
  • Trigger Glancing Blow when hit by an enemy, reducing damage taken by 35%. Passive Thiefguard 8/8 will gain 32 health when triggering Glancing Blow (equivalent to 32 fixed value damage reduction, the damage reduction effect on high frequency hit damage from the enemy is significant).
  • During boss battles, rely on Bladedancer passive Veil of Night 5/5 and body armor prefix Nightfall, continue to use melee attack skills and Smoke Bomb to obtain Dusk Shroud. When cleaning the map, rely on the Bladedancer passive Shroud of Dusk 8/8 and the body armor prefix Dusk, the more times you get hit by the enemy, the more Dusk Shroud you can get.

3) Other

  • 2% physical Dot damage leech ratio from relic Valdyr’s Chalice, and a lot of health regain based on bleed stacks on kill
  • Passive Cloaked Reaper 5/5, every time you kill a normal enemy or hit a boss, gain 5 health based on the number of Shroud the player has (eg. 10Dusk Shroud+3Crimson Shroud+32 hits = gain 2080 health)
  • Smoke Bomb passive Moonlight Bomb 3/3 and passive Argent Veil 10/10, intermittently provide a 100% chance to dodge enemy hits.

【Mana cycle mechanism】


  • Synchronized Strike mana cost is about 50
  • Get 12/8 mana every time use Puncture/UB
  • Get 16 mana recovery per second
  • The basic mana cost of Synchronized Strike (SS) is 80 (with passive), and SS passive Dynamics 3/3 and body armor prefix are required to obtain a total of 60% Mana Efficiency, and the final SS mana cost is about 80/1.6=50.
  • Trigger passive Sapping Strikes 4/4 when hitting an enemy with 0 mana cost Puncture and Umbral Blades (find a throwing skill cost prefix on the ring prefix), get 8 mana every time you use a 0 mana cost skill.
  • Trigger the Puncture passive Mind Piercer 4/4 every time you hit an enemy with Puncture to get 4 mana.
  • Find Mana Recover in Ring/Amulet/Belt prefix and passive Spell Breaker 5/5 , 100% Mana recovery can get 16 (=8*200%) mana recovery per second.
  • When using the SS+UB+PUN combo, consume 50 mana and restore 36 (8UB+12PUN+16 per second) mana.
  • After each Smoke Bomb is stopped, reduce the frequency of SS usage, increase the usage of UB and PUN, and ensure that Mana is at full value when the Smoke Bomb is used next time.

【Skills optional passives】

Umbral Blades

  • Soul Thief 4/4 - Reduce the pause time after using UB, the control will feel better, you can adjust it according to personal experience
  • Cut and Leave 5/5 - Slightly increased damage, not much difference


  • Rapid Strikes 3/3 - Personally recommend putting 2 or 3 in this node, it can greatly improve the control feeling when cleaning the map (you can use Puncture very quickly and without pause)
  • Splinter 5/5 - Another source of Shred Physical Resistance
  • Mutilate 3/3 - Makes this build have a very high burst damage ability, causing a single 5-10 million damage every 3 combos

Synchronized Strike

  • Perfect Coordination 1/1 - Can make 5 hits of SS focus on a single target, and with passive Razor Strikes can replace the advanced blessing to meet the needs of 20 stacks of physical resistance shred. It should be noted that this node will increase the mana cost of SS.
  • Umbral Execution 3/3 - Can replace Shift’s Culling ability, more flexible, no need to consider the timing of use, but takes up a lot of SS passive points

Smoke Bomb

  • Generosity 5/5 - larger initial range
  • Impending Gloom 4/4 - Greater Limit Range

Shift optional passive

  • There is no mandatory passive, all nodes can be adjusted according to your own preferences, and can even be replaced with other skills

【Passives Options】

  • All attack speed bonus passive nodes are to improve the control feeling, they are not necessary and can be adjusted according to personal preference
  • Passive Death’s Door 8/8 is optional, but it’s hard to say how useful it will be
  • Passive Shadow Master 5/5, invest 1 point to get the maximum number of shadows +1, the income of shadow damage INC is not particularly high (the damage caused by shadows only accounts for about half)

【Equipment Options】

  • Due to the lack of resistance and health from Rogue, we need to find as many resistances as possible on the basic types of equipment (body armor/boots/rings/amulet)
  • Personally think the most ideal weapon is a one-handed sword, because Katana’s implic can provide crit damage, and the suffix can find dodge%
  • The belt Thorn Slinger does not bring qualitative damage increase (compared to the rare belt), I personally recommend using the rare belt to get a lot of health from the 2 health suffixes
  • The 2 prefixes of body armor are the best combination in my opinion, and they are also difficult to collect and craft (meaning it is difficult to have both the 2 prefixes and the 2 health suffixes). Most likely, prepare 2 different body armors, one with 2 perfect prefixes for boss fights, and one with 2T5 health suffix for cleaning the map to ensure high enough health

【Idols Options】

  • Lots and lots of idols with lots of health and resistance affixes, unless you want glass cannon gameplay. This build sacrifices a lot of damage boosting resources from idols to ensure hard enough survivability, and its theoretical damage cap can be higher.

【Blessings Options】

  • 85 Timeline’s Grand Survival of Might is the most cost-effective, you can save 2 equipment suffixes to find more health or resistance. It can also be replaced with Grand Hemmorage of Marrow, which can greatly increase the damage ability.
  • Age of Winter timeline can choose 2 blessings: Grand Fury of the North or Grand Bones of Eternity. Choosing Block Efficiency increases the damage reduction of Block from 35% to 50% (better survivability), but needs to find a way to apply 20 stacks of Physical Resistance shred to the enemy elsewhere.

【Loot Filter】

Very Strict Loot Filter, it’s best to adjust it according to your needs

【Q & A】


Why not choose the poison type? How is it different from poison UB?


  1. As written in the overview, if 0.9 the Poison UB is over-nerfed, the Bleed UB will be a good choice for transformation
  2. Corsair’s Set can provide a very good blocking defense mechanism, where the helmet affix is a bleed bonus
  3. It is not much different from Poison UB. The core UB damage mechanism is universal, only in some details. The damage is lower than Poison one, but the defense might be better.



Why use Corsair Shield and what is the point of it? Can I dual-wield weapons without it?


  1. It is a lower level alternative to Bastion of Honour (relatively easier to obtain and achieve similar effects). It satisfies the conditions of the Corsair set effect, and at the cost of the damage bonus of the sidearm and the inability to dodge, it gives you a 100% chance of blocking while having about 35-50% damage reduction on hit.
  2. Yes, you can dual-wield a weapon instead of using a shield and it works exclusively for defence.



Bastion of Honour also gives you a 100% chance of blocking, why did you choose Corsair Shield?


  1. As mentioned above, Bastion of Honour is too rare for many players and Bastion is not something that can be obtained quickly/steadily, whereas Corsair Shield can be seen as a lower level alternative to Bastion of Honour, which is relatively easier to obtain and achieves a similar effect.



I think Dodge+GB is better than Block+GB ?


  1. Dodge is indeed better when calculating a character’s average EHP, but it doesn’t help with one shot EHP. What I mean is that even if you have a 70% chance of dodging, if your one-shot EHP can’t take the damage of some boss’s skill, that means you will always have a 30% chance of dying due to a failed dodge (i.e. dodge is a RNG defence, as opposed to 100% blocking for stable damage reduction).
  2. Which combination to choose I think is more subjective, especially in boss fights where I personally hate RNG defenses (it counts as an RNG defense if the block chance is less than 90%).



Enemy skills are easily dodged, so I don’t think it’s necessary to consider taking damage from them?



This is also a very subjective question.

  1. Not everyone can dodge all skills very well
  2. There are also people who prefer the face-tan boss play style (like me)

Good write up but your build is showing that the end game bosses need retuning or leech needs a massive nerf in this game

End game of LE is similar to end game of Grim Dawn which is by the time your character reaches a critical mass of balance between recovery (leech) and damage reduction you cannot die and then you just sit on the boss until you win

Thx! But sorry that I can’t quite understand what you mean.
Isn’t this the case in most similar Diablo-like games (such as D2/D3/GD/POE, etc.)? :thinking:
Maybe you can give an example to describe what you want.

Thanks for putting in the effort to showcase this build. Definitely going to give it a spin!

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I am going to make this build from the beginning and I thank you for the contribution. It is my first character to see how it comes out and I join the game. ty mate

This was exactly the problem with a few of the earlier paladin builds where you had enough leech and regen (over 3k) that the only things that killed were the dragon mega breath and the void shade of orbyoss slam

I loved my immortal pally… now he is no more… :cry:

Dumb question, but what is the rotation roughly? Use synchronized strike into a pack, drop smoke bomb if its something tougher and then umbral blades 2x times, then puncture to regain mana?

Synchronized Strike → 1 Umbral Blade → 1 Puncture,
looping until the smoke ends.
If you don’t have enough mana, use Puncture a few more times

very nice

This is my character, pretty fun to play. I strongly suggest taking 1 point in the crimson shroud passive for an easy +150% bleed chance

your gears is too sweet : P
btw the 50% bleed chance and 5% less dot taken is the default effect of crimson shroud, so don’t actually need to spend 1 point in the passive to get it.

Yea i got a couple lvl 100 chars so i got a big exalted stash :smiley: And true, i didn’t test the passive correctly

Why wouldn’t you take 1 point to get the Crimson Shroud buff on melee attack? He’s not getting it anywhere else.

the Crimson Storm node from Synchronized Strike tree.

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As much as I like seeing a set in use in an “end game” build, UB is so strong at this point, it seems like this build would be just as strong without it.

Did you find that it was truly necessary to use the set ?

Probably depends if you need the 100% block chance and 100% Glancing Blow… more than anything else.

Isadora’s gloves + belt would be pretty good on a shotgunning Hungering Souls build, the belt gives you a lot of flat armour & some % increased damage, the gloves gives you some flat damage (cold, sadly) & the 2 piece gives you 100% Damned on hit with necrotic spells.

Hey! I was curious as to how you leveled the build. Please let me know, thank you!

Which phase are you asking about? :thinking:
Basically, you can follow the example builder planner except for the campaign phase.