Black Sun Rahyeh gets stuck during boss fight after his "path across the arena" move

In an empowered monolith run, during the Black Sun boss fight against void Rahyeh, he did his “travel across the arena, leaving a path of void goop” move, and then got stuck at the edge of the arena. He sat there and did nothing for the rest of the fight, then died and gave his drops/blessings normally.

Video (only started recording after he got stuck, so doesn’t include the move he did beforehand):

I’m playing approximately this build, in case it might have been one of my skills that triggered the bug.

Log file:
Player.log (2.6 MB)

edit Found a previous report where EHG asked where the player was standing. I believe I was standing in the bottom left area of the arena, and Rahyeh pathed from the bottom (a little bit counter-clockwise from me) to the top. Like so:

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