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Black Screen Reboot Crash

Hello! I havent been playing LE long but I am really enjoying it. I have reached monoliths with a spellblade without any problems. I recently started leveling up a necro and everything has been fine up until the warden fight in the Tomb of Morditas. Shortly after the fight starts I get a complete black screen and then most of the time the computer will restart but sometime I have to push the restart button on the PC tower. Its very much like my monitors are being turned off.

I have tried a few things.

  1. verifying files through steam
  2. updating video card driver
  3. lowering video settings to very low
  4. turning off anti-aliasing
  5. locking frame rate and lowering frame rate

I greatly appreciate any help or suggestions!

DxDiag.txt (78.9 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (493 Bytes)
Player.log (43.3 KB)
Player-prev.log (43.3 KB)

Hey, Welcome to the forumsā€¦

Sorry you are having hasslesā€¦

Things you have tried - greatā€¦ thats a good start.

Your OS could use an update or two to 19042/3

From your Dxdiag I see you are using a Radeon HD 6950 - unforunately this is less than the minimum requirements for Last Epoch. Your card is about 50% slower than the minimum requiredā€¦

The dxdiag is also showing that you are not using Microsoftā€™s Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certified GPU drivers - this is important for stabilityā€¦ I recommend you revert to certified drivers - especially considering the age of your hardware.

The fact that your gpu is old is probably what is causing the intermittent problems in the gameā€¦ Remember LE is unoptimised so things can stress out GPUs and if its as old as yours then the wheels can fall offā€¦ a necro character (especially with minions) requires much more effects, skill proccing & system resources than a spellblade and it could simply be that its pusing your old GPU far too hard and it gives up. GPU processing ability, thermals or simply driver incompatibilities could all be playing a part in this.

If you really want to play LE on this old hardware my recommendation would be drop your resolution down to 720p and see how long you can lastā€¦

Also from your DXdiag diagnostic section:

You have lots of ScriptedDiagFailure & LiveKernelEvent 141s - these can all be serious and point to general problems on your machine that need attentionā€¦ They can range from driver issues, physical problems (thermals/power) and any number of specific application conflictsā€¦ I recommend you deal with them - you should be able to get a better view of these via the Reliability Viewer on windows.

Hey, Vapourfire, thank you for looking through my stuff. I did update windows and dropped the resolution down. That got me through the fight without crashing.

I looked through the Reliability Monitor and everything looked good until the recent crashes. The critical errors included a hardware error, and windows not shutdown properly. I am not really sure how to determine what piece of hardware is giving the error but im fairly confident its the GPU. Its also not a real shock to me that this is most likely the game pushing the GPU until the wheels come off. I hope to upgrade but there is also a long list of reasons why that is not happening soon.

At any rate, thank you again. I really appriciate it!

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