Black Screen on New Area

Hi there! Just grabbed the game after looking into it a bit!

Unfortunately, running into issues almost immediately. After character creation, first area I loaded into was just completely black, nothing except the HUD. Relaunched the game, that got fixed. Killed some stuff and went into what I assume was the camp, also was a black screen. Switched areas back to the prior and then re-entered the camp, which seemed to fix it.

Unfortunately at that point, I crashed for some reason. I’ve attached what I could find in terms of logs as well as a DxDiag. I can’t seem to upload the crash.dmp file.

error.log (69.2 KB) Player.log (42.3 KB)
DxDiag.txt (106.1 KB)

Hey, Welcome to the forum…

You did not provide info on your in-game settings but can you try the following:

Temporarily run 1080p, 60fps frame limits, all graphics to very low or disabled.

LE has performance issues that manifest as crashes & black screens and setting to a lowest configuration seems to improve things…

If its stable at these settings, then increase the resolution… (nothing else)
If its stable, then increase the fps (or leave it at 60fps but dont go higher than 120fps for now)
If thats still stable, then try increasing the graphics settings… At the moment, even high end systems (30 series GPUS etc) seem to be most stable at low/medium settings - depending on resolution… Anything on high/ultra is likely to crash regularly.

Hi there! Sorry about that, figures system settings is the one thing I forget. I was on Medium settings I believe, but at my native resolution (1440p) and capped at 90 FPS. I’ll try these suggestions when I have the opportunity to try again, thank you.

Ok… I run a 1060 and the best playable (average 40-60fps with no crashes) settings for me are 1080p on very low/low with 60fps limited… I can push it, but it doesnt seem worth it for me.

So I would think that on your increased resolution, you may need to set it at low and if it doesnt bother you, 60fps is likely to be more stable (or at least keep your GPU from working too hard).

Unfortunately this doesnt always work for the blank screen issue but it has helped others and it does keep things more stable - which is always good…

I managed to play a bit more after changing all settings to low, no black screens or crashes so far. However performance is kinda bad, a constant micro-stutter while moving.

Any idea when more optimization/focus on performance is planned? If not for a while I may have to wait to really get into the game. Thanks for the help so far.

Very low may settings help with microstutters - and there is very little visible difference between low/very low - although I have been using very low for so long that I have forgotten what it looks like on any other setting… :wink:

Unfortunately we have no idea re the performance issues… Personally I am hoping that the work on multiplayer will provide the side benefit of improved performance issues but honestly, I have no idea.

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