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Black screen into game crash

After 5min or so into the game, the game crashes after a brief black screen, I tried lowering the graphics to mininum, fullscreen mode and all game files have been verified.
Drivers are all updated.
System config:
Ryzen 2600x
GTX 970

Player.log (113.2 KB)
Player-prev.log (65.3 KB)

Hi, Welcome to the forum…

The player.log refers to d3d11 texture rendering issues… This happens multiple times in quick succession and the game then crashes with a DirectX problem.

Usually DirectX errors are resolved by:

  • updating or reinstalling GPU drivers (sometimes even rolling back versions and doing safe mode reinstallations or using DDU) . Just doing a plain driver update doesnt always resolve driver related issues.

  • Verifying the game files

  • making sure that your OS is patched and has no errors/failed updates

  • making sure that there are no third party applications involved - especially things that are graphical in nature - streaming, screen overlays etc. - the simplest way to ensure this is to just temporarily not run or disable anything else while testing LE.

Please can you include your in-game settings (le_graphicsmanager.ini) as well as the output from a DXDIAG report… This will provide more info to work from.

GPU drivers have already been reinstalled and are up to date, game files are verified have been verified through steam, OS is on latest release, none seem to have fixed the problem.
Here are the other 2 files you mentioned
le_graphicsmanager.ini (466 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (105.6 KB)


Re GPU drivers - Ok, but its important that you did a safe mode / DDU type reinstallation. There are countless examples of just doing normal driver upgrade installations that do not replace corrupted driver files/files in use or locked after crashes/older versions etc… Just putting this out there as the errors are directly GPU related right now.

As you are aware, LE is in beta and is generally unoptimised when it comes to performance… With your system specs, Low settings are probably borderline and I would recommend considering Very Low configurations ESPECIALLY considering the instability you are experiencing - I run a 1060 with Very low settings on 1080p purely because its more stable. Obviously when the devs get around to spending some quality time optimising the performance, then I expect to be able to up these settings, but for now, imho, stability is more important than eye-candy - especially on older hardware.

One very important observation from your settings file - you are not enabling framerate limiting. This means that LE has no restriction to prevent it from maxing out your GPU (sometimes totally unneccessarily) and when the game gets busy or you attempt to load into a new map/portal, the game has a high probability of crashing or having other graphical issues/freezes/fps spikes. This stability is related to the beta state of the game so players having issues should be conservative to counter this right now.

Your screen is 60hz so your framerate limit is physically 60fps, but considering your system spec (especially GPU) I would recommend that you set this to somewhere between 40-50fps. You can find a good limit by watching your GPU usage while your character is standing in town ( i use endoftime) doing nothing (no skills/no inventory open etc)… set the FPS limit so that the usage hovers between 60-70%… that seems to provide enough headroom for when the game gets busy and should improve stability.

I notice from the DXDIAG that your C drive freespace is getting pretty low… Windows doesnt like running out of spare space on the boot driver for various reasons - recycle bin, swap files, hibernation/sleep features, patching etc… While less is obviously still usable, it is generally accepted that you keep the free space at or around the same as your memory capacity Windows tends to be happier. A quick search of the drive model also indicates that this is an SSD… SSD drives have a wear level algorithm that tries to ensure that the drive memory chips are evenly used - when a drive gets too full, this doesnt work as efficiently anymore and the life expenctancy of the drive/chips is reduced… and a full sdd is a slow ssd… This is unlikely to be affecting LE but its something you may want to deal with for peace of mind.

I see that you are using Razer devices - please make sure that you are using up to date device drives/apps - there have been some issues with older Razer apps/drivers and the unity game engine. Again, unlikely to be the cause of the specific issue you are having but worth fixing.

The diagnostic section of the dxdiag (end of the file) shows a lot of errors that should not be ignored:

  1. LiveKernelEvent 117 with nvlddmkm.sys has happened at least 3 times with additional 117 crashes… Livekernel events are hardware based faults - 117 are usually GPU related. They can be caused by faulty/overheating hardware and any drivers related to this hardware… The errors reference nvlddmkm.sys which is part of the Nvidia GPU drivers… It is very important that you check your GPU physically (fans, seating, power, cleanliness) and monitor its performance and thermals while playing - you should probably consider running a stress test like Furmark to see if there is a problem with your card. These kinds of error also mean that you MUST do a safe mode driver reinsallation and considering the age of your card, you might have to roll back to an older driver more stable driver rather than the latest and greatest FPS focussed release.

  2. Last Epoch.exe is crashing with the UnityPlayer.dll - these are expected considering the content of the player.log.

  3. You are having various other errors that need to be investigated as they could point to something wrong with system files… things like AppxDeploymentFailureBlue, windows.appExecutionAlias, MoAppHang, Microsoft.GamingApp_2108.1001.8.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe… If you known why some of these have happend and they have been resolved then that should be fine, but I would make sure that they are not involved.