Black screen crashes

I’ve been frequently getting black screens on both my monitors when only playing Last Epoch. I’ve tested with other games and they seem to be fine with no issues. Today it’s escalated to BSOD also. I’ll black screen and LE crashes with a unity error I can’t read because it happens so fast when at the character screen or at any point in game it would seem. I’ll sometimes see slight graphical artifacting right before the black screen crash. I’ll sometimes go 5+ hours with 0 issues and other times go 4-5x an hour with black screens. I often have to restart my entire pc to get a display again.

Using a Asus RTX 2060 12gb video card.

Looking for some guidance.


For anyone suffering from the black screen problem, I found a solution in an old reddit post. This isn’t a problem with Last Epoch, it’s a problem with the Unity game engine. Many graphics cards are overclocked from the factory and for some reason games on the Unity engine conflict with the clocks of the video card.
To solve the problem you just need to lower the base clock of your GPU using MSI Afterburner or similar apps. In my case, I lowered the GPU clock by 65 mhz and my game is no longer causing black screen (BSOD) reboots and not even crashing.

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