Black minimap

Operating System: Linux

Detailed description: In the starting area, the minimap is just a black box.

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Tested across High, Medium and Low - all black minimap.

Oddly, as I clicked to quit to the menu it then appeared just as it went to the menu. So it is there, just covered up?

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Thanks for the report!

There’s a chance that both this - and a potentially related bug where a transparent black layer covers much of the screen (most noticeable on widescreen monitors) - will be fixed in the next patch, however I’m still waiting on the fix to land before I can test this.

Ah yes, I think I noticed that actually. To the left of the screen there’s a bar going all the way up that’s clearer than the rest of the screen, so it does look like something is covering :slight_smile:

I’ve tested a release candidate for 0.6, and unfortunately both issues were still present.

The team only uses the Unity Editor on Windows, which means that Windows-specific issues tend to be more visible than Linux- or Mac-specific problems. After we release this patch, and after some of the team get back from PAX South, we’ll finish migrating to a new bug tracker which I’m hoping will do wonders for the prominence of bugs unique to Linux or MacOS.

To help us better understand these issues I’ll be installing the unofficial Unity Editor for Linux after we deploy Patch 0.6 this week. This will give us access to more debug information.


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We have a fix for this in QA, and if all goes well it will be included in Patch 0.6.1.

Apologies for the delay as we investigated this!


So I’d like to provide a quick update on where we stand with this issue.

Here’s the situation on the release candidate I’m testing on Manjaro;

  • The black box covering the mini map is no longer present.
  • The arrow representing the player is visible.
  • Other icons, such as those representing Waypoints and our (improved) quest markers are visible. Newly added indicators of where to go for quests are also working.
  • The background & background border of the mini map are not visible. This means that it appears the entire square is walkable when this is not the case. We’ll continue investigating, and I’d like to apologize once again for the inconvenience.
  • A new feature in this patch - the Tab key toggling whether zone level is displayed - works correctly. The text is both displayed and clearly legible.
  • A few other minor graphical improvements all appear to be working as intended.

We tracked the original issue down to OpenGL and one of the shaders we use, and we’re operating on the assumption that the missing background is likewise caused by the same issue. While far from perfect, this patch should at least improve things substantially.

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:partying_face: I can’t wait! Looks like I’ll have a brand new Radeon VII in my computer by the time the patch comes out, too :slight_smile:

Excellent, even though it’s not perfect that does sound like a huge improvement.

The mini map is currently working 100% correctly for at least some users on Linux. Going to investigate the missing background possibly being limited to AMD video card users.

Can confirm that the minimap was working 100% for me on linux mint.

Strange thing I noticed however: the background didn’t show up when I was streaming from OBS despite the fact that it would show up in screen shots and on my own screen.