Beta Steam key

When I bought the game I had trouble with the launcher so I decided just to wait for beta on steam and download it there. How will I go about getting my Steam key to download the game on Steam when you all go into beta there? Also, any time frame when beta will be?

You’ll be able to link your Steam and Last Epoch accounts through our website.

Beta will be the end of this month. :slight_smile:


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Bring on the beta! The trailer is looking great.

same boat for me had trouble with the launcher super excited to get the steam key! Cant wait to try it!

Let me give you all some developer speak definitions.
“End of the month”= Last day of the month.
“soon”= 2 years.

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Your point being?

I agree

Same general question :slight_smile: Also @Dev team could you please make it easier to upgrade out support? I do not see a clear way to do so outlined.

This is currently a manual process, but if you give us a shout we’ll arrange it for you. :slight_smile:

Does this include Kickstarter packs Sarno?

I like the way the game is moving forward and was considering upgrading my pack to a higher Kickstarter tier if that is still an option. The upgrade page says you can only upgrade to packs from the same series.

Unfortunately you can’t upgrade a Kickstarter pack-- we committed to making the rewards exclusive to the Kickstarter period so allowing upgrades after the fact goes against that. You can “trade in” a pack towards a current supporter pack, but then you won’t have access to the Kickstarter rewards.

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