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Beta ETA


is Beta ETA April still valid?

Kind regards,

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It is indeed. :slight_smile:

We’ll be announcing the exact date later this week.


Great news, thanks!


Will this anouncement include new supporter packs too?

There will be new supporter packs, however they won’t be released this week.

I imagine they and the beta itself will both spring up at around the same time.


Will this Include Multiplayer?

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Multiplayer testing will be conducted during beta, but not right from the start.

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Anyway you can tell how far into the Beta it will be ready or is that something only testing can say, reason I ask is im going to be streaming the game and some friends would like to join kinda as a 1st time playthrough as a group in the game and see what challenges will lie instore thanks for the responses by the way a lot more timely than I would have imagined


I’m afraid not; we’ll transition multiplayer from internal testing to community testing when we feel it is ready. We don’t want to commit to a specific timeframe which may mean either sharing it with the community prematurely, or needlessly delaying it.

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Very Understandable thanks again for the responses and I look forward to the Beta and the Game growing


Check out the Beta announcement! Beta Trailer & Release Date Announcement

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