Beta 0.9j Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where Temporal Shift could sometimes cast a second time after being used once, resulting in getting sent back to the era you were originally in.
  • Fixed a recent bug where targeted abilities such as Lunge or Smite could fail to cast if they were the first ability you used in a scene.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to target enemies that had yet to emerge with Lunge. Doing so would result in being unable to move after using Lunge.
  • Fixed a recent bug where offline characters would have 0 potions when loaded rather than their maximum amount of potions.
  • Fixed a bug where some breakable objects in various scenes continued to obstruct movement after they were destroyed in online play. This also sometimes caused players to get stuck in place, unable to move. The fixed scenes include The Maj’elkan Catacombs, The Rustlands, The Altar of Flesh, The Dragons’ Grotto, and The Rotting Hoard. Please make a Bug Report if you still run into this.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could be pushed around in Online by walking into them.
  • Fixed global conditional damage properties not working (except for unlimited damage per stack of ailment effects, which already worked). These effects are fixed:
    • More Spell Damage to Ignited Enemies on Soulfire
    • More Throwing Damage to Bosses and Rare Enemies on Bo’s Anarchy
    • More Fire Hit Damage to Ignited Enemies on the Arcane Flames node on the Mage passive tree
    • More Void Damage to Stunned Enemies on the Shifting Power node on the Volatile Reversal tree
    • More Melee Damage per Bleed (up to 30 stacks) on the Wounded Prey node on the Summon Bear tree
    • More Damage per Poison (up to 30 stacks) on the Envenomed Prey node on the Summon Scorpion tree
  • You can no longer type in the chat windows when you have chat disabled.

Skills and Passives

  • Base Skeletal Mages now use a new ability called Dread Bolt rather than a version of Hungering Souls.
  • Normalized the damage and cast speed of Skeletal Mage projectiles. Previously the Hungering Souls used by regular Skeletal Mages was much slower and weaker, while the attacks from Cryomancers and Pyromancers had hidden modifiers to cast speed and damage which made it difficult to understand their power.
    • Dread Bolt: 30 base damage and 150% damage effectiveness, 50% chance to apply Damned on hit, no longer applies Possessed (which had a stack limit and could overwrite a player’s stronger Possessed ailment). Dread Bolt now also has a higher projectile speed and does not have homing.
    • Cryomancer’s Ice Shard: 30 base damage and 150% damage effectiveness (previously 12 and 100%, with 90% more damage).
    • Pyromancer’s Fireball: 34 base damage and 170% damage effectiveness (previously 25 and 125%, with 40% more damage).
    • All three now have the same cast speed, slightly slower than Pyromancer’s Fireball used to be.
    • This should result in close to the same DPS for Fireball and Ice Shard, and much higher DPS for Dread Bolt.
  • Increased the projectile speed of all Skeleton Archer projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug where Rampage’s Intimidating Cry did not require Roar to be on your action bar in order for it to trigger Roar. The description of this node has not yet been updated to specify that Roar must be on your bar.
  • Fixed a bug where Void Knight’s Void Well passive had no cooldown. It now has a 3 second cooldown (from 10 listed, none actual) and sets you to 30% of max mana (from 20%).
  • Fixed a bug where Sacrifice’s additional chains from Catalyst of Horror and Sanguine Libation were not additive with each other, resulting in 2 fewer chains than intended while any points were invested in Sanguine Libation.
  • Fixed a bug where Sacrifice consistently chained to 1 fewer minions than intended (this is in addition to the other fix).
  • Fixed Bow Puncture snapping to targets more intensely than other bow skills.
  • Fixed a bug where Arcane Momentum’s stacks displayed were incorrectly. This is only a display change.


  • Fixed a bug where Fragment of the Enigma gave 2 Lightning Damage for Spark Charge per 10 max mana instead of the stated 2 Lightning Damage for Spark Charge per Intelligence.


  • Updated the visual effects for the Mortar abilities used by Skeletal Mages.
  • Updated the visual effects for fireballs cast by Pyromancers (Skeletal Mage).
  • Updated the visual effects for all Skeleton Archer projectiles.
  • Fixed various visual bugs with the poison cone attack used by Scalebane Casters.
  • Updated the indicator visual on the ground for Soul Spire attacks.
  • Fixed broken particle effect visuals in Soulfire Bastion.
  • Fixed a bug which caused part of the visual effects of some skills, notably Lunge, to play at an incorrect place (usually offscreen).
  • Fixed visual effects applying to item models on the ground.


  • High Speed and Crit Chance Until approach monster mod changes
    • Fixed a bug where the mod’s vfx were invisible online.
    • This mod’s effects and vfx now start when the monster is engaged rather than when it spawns
  • Fixed a bug where the Less Damage Taken From Distant Enemies monster mod’s vfx were invisible online.
  • Fixed a bug where the Shade of Orobyss’s blood orbs did not visually seek out targets in online play, causing them to hit players unexpectedly.
  • Fixed the Void Amalgamation’s melee attack visual appearing further away from itself than intended.
  • Improved the visuals of the Void Amalgamation’s melee attack.
  • Fixed a bug where Voidwings could be invisible in Online mode.
  • Fixed Cremorus’ weapon appearing solid white.
  • Fixed the Void Fiend not having an outline and being visible before emerging.
  • Reduced the chance for larger splatter visual effects when hitting rapidly, but made that decreased chance fall off sooner than previously. This will result in fewer large splatters when hitting rapidly, but more large ones when having multiple seconds between hits.


  • Fixed a bug where Arcane Ascendance with the Acuity node could cause severe latency problems while on your skill bar.
  • Greatly improved the performance of these minion projectile abilities:
    • Skeletal Mages now use Dread Bolt which performs better than Hungering Souls
    • Cryomancer (Skeletal Mage) Ice Shards
    • Pyromancer (Skeletal Mage) Fireballs
    • All Skeleton Archer attacks
    • Thorn Totem Thorns
  • Fixed a bug where When-Hit VFX were playing more frequently than intended, causing some performance issues.
  • Improved the performance of Spire abilities.
  • Improved (reduced) how much RAM game servers use.


Again, thank you all for being active in giving us bug reports and feedback. While we’re shifting more of our focus to new content for 0.9.1, we still plan to release more fixes before 0.9.1 releases. We’ll prioritize widely reported and/or critical bugs, and lower priority fixes and improvements might come with 0.9.1 instead.

Some things we’re currently working on:

  • Dungeon boss door not always working (we apologize for this taking so long)
  • Monolith Echoes occasionally breaking when playing as a Forge Guard
  • Using a skill you don’t meet the weapon requirements for locking you in an animation
  • Rubberbanding, latency and performance problems
  • Monitoring for any other ability use problems

This is great, but what about still seeing others chatting? I think that’s normally the usual expectation when disabling chat.


if i deisable i don t care what others are talking about


Can agree with the chat box, if I check hide X chat it should stay hidden when I re-launch the game.
Outside of that great fixes! :grinning:


Good thing I didn’t get around to making a build with this item before the patch lol.

Does not help me ONE bit as I still have that LE51 error since you made the multiplayer patch forwarded you the player log etc etc etc now again been two weeks with NOTHING being done or replied or anything

Any plans on fixing this pls:

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:+1: :stuck_out_tongue: if anyone is having this problem, make sure RoS is not active when you load into a MoF Echo map - its a workaround that seems to solve it for now.

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I also agree, I shouldn’t be able to see chat period if it’s disabled.

All bug fixes are good things, but prioritization seems very odd.

Multiplayer dungeons and multiplayer Echoes are a mess right now. Many are reporting there is no way to play 4 players in Echoes and dungeons are so buggy multiplayer that they are not worth trying. These issues likely impact the most end-customers.

From a class perspective, Necro needed zero help and basically no gear to achieve endgame success, yet this patch seems to be a love letter to that class directly. Whereas other classes suffer from a cohesive set of skills (Forge-Guard, Shaman) and supporting nodes to achieve similar results. Some classes only have 1-2 viable builds, where the Necro has at least 6 that need zero difficult to get items.

Prioritization of fixes just seems…odd.

Prioritisation is probably just odd to us because we dont have the information required to know what is going on that influences the devs list of things to do.

I expect its just a factor of how much effort (time/manpower/difficulty etc) a particular issue will take to fix and what can be fixed quickly vs what needs a lot more analysis and dev to find and fix.

and I suppose, there is the subjective issue too - for some, one bug may be FAR more important than to others because it effects their specific play more than others. E.g. I would rather they fix a FG quest issue than multiplayer MoF for no reason other than I dont generally play multiplayer. nothing more.


Both Frenzied Onslaught and Warrior’s Entrance don’t work with Skull Crusher in Bear form.

Could you look into this bug? It would be very much appreciated :bear:

Ok, I’m not sure what “RoS” is here. Please enlighten me. I know I’ll feel foolish when you spell it out but so be it.

Using Lunge more than 15 times in a session still crashes the game for me. Each time I use Lunge, the game freezes for a longer and longer period of time before eventually I press Lunge and the game just stops responding completely.

Wow, the new skeletal mage attacks look awful :exploding_head: The whole appeal of having an army of projectile shooting minions was the visuals and now they’re just waving their staves at an empty air.

If this was an optimization then it should have been added as a graphical option. If not then I can’t imagine how someone thought that this looks good. Probably the end of me using my minion build then.

I watched that video and the cryomancer has no projectile anymore.

If im not mistaken, this is a huge nerf to roidmage build? The build no longer ‘clears’ with its frost bolts, but only has a single target attack, meaning it can’t clear by himself anymore because it has no aoe / splash?

Am i getting this right?

Can we get some reduction to the damage output on some of these higher end mobs? Taking as much damage reduction as I can/has dropped for me, and still getting constantly one shot. Between Online latency, and speed of these attacks, getting out of the way of a lot of things isn’t working well. Or just flat out getting one shot from off screen with no indicators.

lightning meteor visual has problem with fire and lightning at the sametime.

Ring of Shields.

Known issue, not intended.

Or option #3, it’s a bug. They happen in games, not sure if you’ve noticed.

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