Beta 0.9f Patch Notes

Appreciate this! Looking forward to when we can rearrange Druid transform skills on the action bar again as well.


Agreed. Every time it happens im like not again

I see. thx for the clarification

Please fix companions dying during arena zone change and arena starting instantly.

Definitely not. We’ve all done diagnostics on our end and it’s unique to this game only (it’s happening to 5 of us living in separate locations with different ISPs).

Are you by chance using Arcane Ascendance with Acuity? I found that even having this skill on my bar with that node causes the lag you’re talking about. Most classes work fine for me, but my mage with that skill gets very laggy, and is otherwise fine without it.

If not, then must be a different issue… Good luck!

Also havent experienced desync at all, but have experienced pretty bad delay on abilitys compared to offline

Got 2 annoyances to report:

  1. Client, when started through Steam/Icon set by Steam connects to US servers (I’m in EU). Workaround seems to be to start the client by manually executing the .exe
  2. Linux+Proton issue: No sound when using pipewire. Workaround: launching the game with FMOD_ALSA_DEVICE=pulse %command%

One bonus issue: Character selection screen is not rendered properly on some devices. It’s fixed now on Steam Deck, but persist on my PC (proton as well)

I was playing fine yesterday (i would have sworn it was 0.9d but whatever was most current as of 3/19), today steam downloaded 0.9f and I can get to the character selection screen. At that point it goes to the loading screen and the music changes to the current location (end of time) but nothing ever loads. It doesn’t seem to time out. I’ve left it as long as 20 minutes.

Not really, because then you lose the ability to move on left click completely.

Before this bug existed you could e.g. use a melee attack on left click and the character would move to your target and then use the attack when in range. That is a vastly different function than simply rebinding the key.

I can’t wait for the introduction of Resonance and Item link! :heart_eyes:

It doesn’t impact the skill limit because the LMB merely links to an ability in one of the other slots. It used to work just fine, but there’s a bug currently that has broken this mechanic.

I think they don’t know how to do it((( it’s sad

i have this issue too

No fix for the stash tab bug yet. Sad. Any ETA on a fix for that?

I still cant see my weapon on the Druid. He holds “nothing”. The weapon is Lethal Concentration. There is no VISUAL. Both in-game and character screen

Egoism node from dread shade necro is not working when I apply it to my bone golem. The golems attack do not crit with dread shade that has egoism and bone nova triggered from the bone golem also does not crit.

since 0.9f.
lightning mage makes the game very lag.
the first time you enter the echo, you don’t get lag. when you enter the second echo, you get lag.
whether online or offline is the same.
maybe it’s because Static Orb or Arcane Ascendance?

Keep having this bug where the game quits to desktop after loading a new zone/door.
started after some 14hours of game more or less.

Just wanted to share this experience. Anyone experiencing the same?

Can’t move to another zone since Friday, March 17, infinite loading screen after clicking travel on map. Ultra long loading after character selection since this date too.
Plus potions always appears empty.

Created a new character and same thing, plus enemies are invisible…

Tried with proton, even with an Ubuntu in a virtual machine, and got the same situation.

I’m just waiting updates hoping that all this will be solved, and be able to play as before this Friday…