Beta 0.9f Patch Notes


  • Fixed a rare bug which could lead to large online save data rollbacks. We’re still working on identifying any other causes of rollbacks and fixing them.
  • Fixed a bug where Druid Transform builds could sometimes end up with scrambled action bars, with incorrect and mispositioned abilities, which also caused the Human Form action bar to become blank.
  • Fixed a bug where traversal skills such as Lunge would consume more than 1 charge of the ability when used, and also consumed more than 1 charge of other traversal skills that share a cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug where an uninteractable reward rock could sometimes appear in Echo of a World, preventing interacting with the real reward rock.
  • Fixed a bug which caused ability use to be prevented if you were holding down a key after using a movement ability. This caused Dancing Strikes to be used much less frequently when holding the button than when rapidly pressing it.
  • Fixed a bug where quick selling items was not blocked on the client while gambling. This could cause the client to become out of sync with the server, with items appearing to be duplicated or lost. This was a visual/clientside bug; no items were lost or duplicated.
  • Fixed a bug where the Liath and Thetima quest could get stuck on the “Speak with Yulia in Thetima” objective.
  • Fixed some skill, passive and affix typos.

Account Creation

  • Fixed a bug which caused LE-51 errors to be shown if a problem occurred while picking a display name, rather than an error message that tells you what went wrong (i.e. name already in use, invalid characters, invalid length, profanity filter).

Enemy Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some Void Despairs would have an outline appear after killing them.
  • Fixed a bug where some Void Despairs didn’t have a health bar.
  • Fixed a bug where Void Despairs would sink into the ground immediately upon dying.
  • Fixed a bug where the Void Penance didn’t have a top of screen health bar in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where the indicator and animations for the Idol of Loathing would not re-time properly when it was chilled.


Thanks for continuing to report bugs and other issues. Here are two we’re working on, though we have several other fixes in progress:

We’re aware of a bug where some players are unable to enter Dungeons. This will be a priority for us to address this week; we weren’t able to finish a fix in time for this patch. However, we’ve seen that if you return to Character Select via the Leave Game button, you will be able to enter the dungeon. You should be able to try this without interacting with the Dungeon.

We’re also aware of rubberbanding happening during movement and movement skills.


Is this going to help with the constant desync issues? If I try to play 2 echoes back to back without first teleporting to the main end of time waypoint and then back, the game desyncs 100% of the time and I have to exit to desctop and reload to fix. This also happens in arena 100% of the time, the further I get (e.g., every 10 waves) the more likely I will desync and die or just straight up freeze. I have not been able to have a single full arena run and have wasted many keys trying to get to the final waves.

EDIT: Seems to have fixed arena issues (n = 1 only though) but not the issue with echos. Please fix so I don’t have to teleport twice between every single run…its only like half a minute extra but it adds up and is annoying


Woo! Great work.

For what it’s worth, haven’t experienced noticable desync issues on US West servers.

For the love of… fix the inability to bind skills on left click already! It’s so clunky to play so many builds because this isn’t working. An ARPG where you can’t use the left mouse button properly is just… :man_facepalming:


Agreed. The desync and overall lag is horrible lately, making the game borderline unplayable on some maps. I thought this issue was only when in a party with my friends, but now it has extended to playing solo as well. I usually get somewhere between 10-20 ping, but recently ping to my closest server has skyrocketed to 100-150ms, with constant freezing and disconnections.


Please fix the EU West Server Latency!!! No possible to play


for an update that’s pretty much all bugfixes, why is it almost 2GB? that seems rather large…


Plz fix the TRANSIENT REST unique boots - they give no ward after stopping moving


wish they would fix the buggy dungeons :frowning: also the invisible multishot that happens sometimes not sure what causes the visual bug tho. still great job EHG your game is a blast to play!

Great fixes.

Any ETA on stash category bug fixes?


While I agree they should give the option to do so, most seasoned aRPG players learned a long time ago that LMB is a movement binding. So, “properly,” as you say it, is subjective at best.


I just noticed while reading these notes that in game my version is showing as 0.9c in the top left, even though (I though at least) I was up to date. Is this a visual client bug or is it possible to get online with an out of date game? Probably the former, just wanted to check.

When are you planning to fix the unity crash Unity crash when after 0.9 when trying online play - #48 by rydzio11


Any update on the packet loss? I have to relog every few hours because the game becomes very laggy / long loading screens and more occasions of rubber banding.

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Is there any update on MP issues? My friends and I started in 0.9 with the intentions of playing as a 4 player party, and aside from some issues getting everyone in the same place to start playing together, gameplay was good with only minor hiccups. The last 4-5 days any time we’ve tried to group up every single echo/dungeon has at least 2-3 people completely lagging out and rubber banding.

My friends are losing interest since we effectively can’t play together anymore.


Just a quick note: The “leave game” button doesn’t return you to character selection. It logs you out and takes you to the login screen. For sure not a high priority, but I think it would be really nice to not log us out and instead bring us to character selection in reality, as the confirmation window suggests.


and what about the problems when trying to play 3 or 4? Which is currently impossible due to bugs and rollback. We currently cannot play more than 2
Thank you

Fixing the dungeons doors is really needed for sure, but as soon as thats fixed and more people do them, then we’re gonna need the sanctum mechanic being bugged for julra fights fixed, and the bastion shield randomly not working to be fixed. Getting in the dungeon is good, but the fact that 2 of the boss fights are bugged as well means they kinda need to be sorted out at the same time.

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totally agree even with 2 people sometimes insane lag that becomes unplayable :frowning: