Beta 0.9.2g Patch Notes

Hello Travelers!

We’re releasing a quick hotfix today to resolve a progression blocking bug within Council Chambers. We are still working on a number of other bugfixes for a complete patch, but wanted to get this fix out ASAP.


  • Fixed a bug where the barrier would sometimes fail to dispel in Council Chambers preventing access to The Sheltered Woods

Sadge. No fixes for Shuriken + Blade Shield node bug. Guess I’ll hold out on playing my rogue and roll a Primalist.

Same here, hope the rogue will be patched soon.
Back on my rune master :stuck_out_tongue:

I await the bonking of zombies… and fixed void cleave :frowning:

Guys we can’t wait months for a big patch to fix gameplay and skill bugs!!! We can’t play the build we want because of the bugged skills. With 1.0 releasing later this year you’ll have to fix these bugs quicker otherwise new players won’t keep playing. Every new patch there are hundreds of bugs that we have to wait for the next big patch for them to be fixed. When the seasons arrive we can’t wait that long. Also, the servers are still slow and the loading screens are awful.

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We certainly understand the frustration of having a number of bugs present for weeks or more. We also want all bugs fixed as fast as possible for everyone (as well as less bugs released with a patch)!

We’re going to be doing a large sweep on bugs for 1.0, with a much greater time period set for QA and Bugfixes than prior, all with the plan to crush a ton of bugs. We are also developing and currently implementing better processes for bug prioritization where it comes to the community. Making sure the bugs the community encounters, values, and reports are being evaluated with community input in best reference.

Loading screens are also something we’re constantly looking to improve with every patch, we know they’re certainly much longer than where we want them to be and will be continuing to make improvements to them.


Thanks for the update Kain.

Any word on whether EHG will start using the Forum to keep the community updated rather than expecting people to look here, Discord, Twitter, etc. to find all the updates? @AndrewTilley does a GREAT job pulling all this together and posting here so we can have it all in one place.
Many people don’t use (have accounts on) these others and really hate having to go multiple places for the official stuff, especially when there is an official forum.



You have to realize that this is a small company. They are working on bugs as fast as they can, fixing game breaking bugs ASAP (like this one). Iirc they JUST got their 100th employee the last Con they went to. Bug fixes take time and sometimes can be very difficult to fix. You can’t get pissy with them on forums over it and expect it to be fixed faster. Also there aren’t “hundreds of bugs that we have to wait for the next big patch for them to be fixed”, that is just factually wrong and misleading. They fix bugs faster than most AAA companies. Are there a lot of bugs? yes. Are all of them game breaking? no. They are fixing them as fast as they can with the personnel they have. Just have to have patience.