Beta 0.9.2f Patch Notes

Hello Travelers!

We have a whole bunch of fixes we’re releasing in today’s Patch. Two of the fixes we were targeting for this patch - Offline Temporal Sanctum Progression, and Ground Decals carrying over between echoes weren’t quite able to get in. The changes for these items unfortunately aren’t quite fixing them, and we don’t want to delay all the other updates for them. While we continue to be hard at work on those bugs (and others), read below for all the fixes and updates out today!



  • Fixed a bug that occasionally resulted in a duplicate player body after entering a new scene.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented Rune Prisons from spawning their encounters.


  • Fixed a bug where Puncture would sometimes deal 1 damage
  • Added Scaling Tags to Glyph of Dominion
  • Fixed a bug where Frost Claw would leave a ‘trail’ on the ground when converted to Fire or Lightning
  • Fixed a rare bug where some abilities could fail to hit
  • Fixed a small timing issue with Runebolt
  • Runebolt’s explosive skill tree node has had its placeholder name updated.


  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to Unhide Quests on the Map
  • Fixed a bug where changing or disabling a Loot Filter would sometimes prevent players from closing the Loot Filter panel
  • Fixed a bug where Medium Item Names was displaying Long Item Names
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on quests on the Map would not always bring Players to the proper node on the Map Screen


  • Fixed ability pooling for Shade of Orobyss and Majasa
  • Added ability pooling for a number of enemies to increase performance
  • Fixed a bug where Exiled Mage’s Mana Strike would fail to hit players
  • Adjusted VFX for Winged Fire, and Dreadworm enemies
  • Updated Skeleton’s weapon materials


  • Fixed a bug where there was incorrect spacing between Hanja in Korean chat
  • Added several localization updates


  • Fixed health recovery stacking from Death Rattle
  • Fixed a bug with the Unique gloves “Hand of Judgment” which resulted in abnormally rolled values.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented some hardcore players from transitioning to softcore properly upon death.
  • Implemented improvements to server stability and optimization
  • Reduced matchmaking timeouts from 10min to 5min (This is not the AFK timer, but how long a server will wait for user connections, such as during a loading screen)
  • Added several lighting improvements in Chapter H - Maj’elka

What We’re Working On

Thank you for your bug reports and feedback, including through our new in-game bug reporter. We’re still working on addressing more issues for future patches.

Here are some things we’re currently investigating:

  • Decals persisting and layering from scene to scene.
  • Progression blocker in Temporal Sanctum (offline)
  • Transition times between scenes
  • Rarely disconnecting immediately after connecting to a new server.
  • Enemies in Arena and Monolith often do not animate properly
  • Continuing localization and translation improvements

I assume it’s 0.9.2f internally? But for us it’d be 0.9.2d.

We created a d and e patch, both of which had issues that were caught right at the last stage which caused them to be held back. In order to avoid some weird naming issues, this one is f. It is the 3rd hotfix released for this patch which is normally “d”.


Yeah, I figured as much. For sure, better safe than sorry.

Is this a fix for shurikens and javelin splitting (both the node in tree and the new unique sierpins fractal)

So glad you’re looking at this one (I play Arena). However it has delivered some classic lol moments. :stuck_out_tongue:

Woot! Thank you!

Does this by chance happen to fix the Unity launch crash that keeps happening? I’ve fresh installed my driver 4 times now and I can usually launch the game once but it always breaks after that.


Why not fix icon of the thorns totem skill. I have reported twice already :((((

By the way, you guys are aware that there are still nodes in some skill trees that have minimum requirements to proceed that are larger than the number of spendable points? One example is in Smite, I think. There is a node where you can only spend 1 but the edge to the next node requires 2. It kinda doesn’t make sense.

i wish you guys would fix the error with the runemaster class i have where i cant access my stash on the charecter. i can on my other 2 charecters.

You’re supposed to path from the other side (and enjoy my paint arrows):

Detonating Arrow bug maybe??? The cone is exploding in front of the target and not behind it like it should be, I’ve reported this thousands of times.

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It seems like you could have one character on Hardcore, one on Softcore. Or one in Account/Solo Self Found and not the other one.

i set them up online, and as normal. i dont recall ticking a box for hardcore, and i did die multipel times as well

If that’s true then that’s not very intuitive… majority of skills let you approach nodes from either end so this just seems like an edge case that ends up feeling back rather than like an intelligent build decision. Idk I can definitely see it either way, it just feels really bad when speccing because it’s not super consistent with other skills.

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On the character selection screen check the following.

  1. Does the character have an “SC” after the class? I’m assuming this answer is yes (or that it has “Ghost” since you said you’ve died).
  2. At the top, select the “Solo Account Found” list and see if the character is listed there.

If those don’t provide your answer as to why you can’t access the shared stash, you may have to put in a ticket with support and provide your game file for the character so that they can help you figure it out.

I recommend that last thing since it seems like you have a specific issue that nobody else seems to be haiving.

iall my charecters have “SC” after them , no ghost and nothing in solo account found. how do i get the game file and submit a ticket? i filed multiple bug reports in game about it

Your game files should be under the drive you installed the game on (C:, D:, etc.)/Users/“your user name”/LocalLow/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch (for the player log) and /Users/“your user name”/LocalLow/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Saves (for your character and stash).

This is still prevalent on Javelin when using the splitting spear.