Beta 0.9.2c Patch Notes


  • Fixed the waypoint on the world map for Last Refuge Outskirts being unusable.
  • Fixed the Hide/Show Quests function on the world map.
  • Fixed a bug which caused error spam in The Immortal Summit.

What We’re Working On

Thank you for your bug reports and feedback. We’re still working on addressing more issues for future patches.

Here are some things we’re currently investigating:

  • Progression blocker in Temporal Sanctum (offline)
  • Some skill projectiles are colliding with ‘invisible terrain’
  • Transition times between scenes can be quite long.
  • Rarely disconnecting immediately after connecting to a new server.
  • Sometimes, your player model is duplicated after entering a new scene and the camera gets stuck. Portaling out to another server usually fixes this.
  • Rune Prisons can rarely fail to spawn an Exiled Mage.
  • Enemies in Arena and Monolith often do not animate properly.
  • Certain abilities failing to hit enemies correctly.
  • Swapping loot filters can cause the loot filter interface to bug out.
  • Textures can pile up on the ground as you load more monolith echoes, causing strange visuals and increased memory usage.
  • Item name lengths are now “Long” when they should be “Normal”.

We also wanted to take a moment to mention Towns. We had discovered a new bug with Towns very last minute before 0.9.2 went live, and had to quickly disable Towns again as the patch went live. As this happened last minute, we unfortunately didn’t get communication out regarding needing to take Towns down again, and apologize for that. We are alongside fixing other bugs, continuing to get Towns to healthy state to get them in again, and just had an internal test for them today, so hopefully won’t be too much longer.

We’re currently working towards a much larger patch which we’re hoping to get out next week to fix many of the reported issues. Thank you everyone for your patience, and reporting these bugs so we can get them taken care of!


You could put players of the same server in towns (I suppose you already do that), so if people met there and decide to play together, there is no lag or minimum lag.

In addition to that, you could put in towns players of the same player level as much as possible, so people play with similar level players.

These two things would make the multiplayer experience much better because the best people to play with would be pre-filtered already.

Hopefully that bigger patch includes issues like skill nodes not working at all, or working the way they should not work. Biggest ones I’ve come across are Enchanted Weapons Kindling Blade (not working at all) and Abyssal Echoes Myopia (only works if you put atleast one point in Fiery Chasm). I’ve reported both in-game.

Nice :smiley: " Progression blocker in Temporal Sanctum (offline) "
I want so bad to be next week for the next patch to do the Temporal Sanctum and play more end game.
I like to play online too, but offline is better for me for “sandboxing many build” because i have loot many items and played more hours too.
Thanks for this nice game and your effort to make it better.

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Two errors you might want to look (have reported in game)

  • Changing languages also resets the loot filter
  • Changing languages from portuguese to english and vice-versa more than one time, sometimes makes (everytime if you change too much) the language change bug, both languages stay selected in the drop-down menu, but game language do not update to the last selected. If you deselect the language you are changing for and keep the language you was, game works normally (besides not changing language). But if you exit the menu with 2 languages selected esc menu stops working and also every function that open a window in the left also stops working. After some time even if doing nothing things go back to normal (but language still not change).

Thanks guys, you’ve been doing an amazing job! Everytime I leave for a while and come back I see SO MANY improvments, game seen to always be evolving, and the team seen to always make the right decisions! Keep the good work!

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When changing the language, the loot filter disappears. I haven’t seen any other problems in my game yet. Thanks for the work! Like, subscribe and all that, thank you for your work!

Any exiled mage right near the player on spawn in, doesn’t spawn at all for me…


Still can’t normally play LE since 0.9.2 release (due to this Can't start the game ) but you don’t seem to care at all. Too bad

This right here. The rune prison failing to spawn an exile mage is purely when its within a short distance from where you spawn into the map. It will always fail in that case. It never fails if its a distance away from the entrance spawn.

Yeah, not sure where ‘rarely’ comes from. It’s pretty much 100% of the time, no spawn if near the player spawn point. Would be interesting to see if it breaks if you portal next to a rune prison, then portal back and open the prison.

What happened to the “large” patch planned for this week ?
It’s been 3 weeks since the launch of 0.92 and all offline players are blocked off from legendary crafting because of a permanent loading screen in the Temporal Sanctum.
Of course this is only one of the aspects in need of fixing , but " 1.0 " is approaching and these little issues are dangerously piling up…

Kain provided an update about this on the Discord

Source: Discord

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