Beta 0.9.2a Patch Notes


  • Added chat channels for Korean - this was an oversight. You can select what language chat channels you connect to on the Login screen.
  • Various logging improvements to aid troubleshooting.

What We’re Working On

We’re actively monitoring bug reports from you all and the health of our infrastructure. We plan for our next patch to be next week, focused on fixing bugs. We’ll be on the lookout for any critical issues this weekend though.

Here are some things we’re currently investigating:

  • Transition times between scenes can be quite long.
  • Rarely disconnecting immediately after connecting to a new server.
  • Sometimes, your player model is duplicated after entering a new scene and the camera gets stuck. Portaling out to another server usually fixes this.
  • Rune Prisons can rarely fail to spawn an Exiled Mage.
  • Enemies in Arena and Monolith often do not animate properly.
  • Certain abilities failing to hit enemies correctly.
  • Swapping loot filters can cause the loot filter interface to bug out.
  • Submitting a bug report with a log file thats too large can crash the client.
  • Textures can pile up on the ground as you load more monolith echoes, causing strange visuals and increased memory usage.
  • Item name lengths are now “Long” when they should be “Normal”.
  • The Rogue’s visuals look incorrect when making a new character.
  • Certain skills cause the player to not properly return to their idle animation.

In case this helps, we found that this issues always is present, when the Exiled Mage is very close to the spawning point of the echo. I can’t remember a singel Exield Mage that was in Minimap Range on echo entering that worked.


Well, that explains it!

Speaking of Rune Prisons failing to spawn an Exiled Mage, the first one I found on launch day DID spawn the mage… But he immediately cast some kind of skill that forcibly disconnected the entire lobby from the game servers. Reconnecting was trivial and instant, so it wasn’t any kind of actual server-side or local internet blip, it just seemed to be a huge desynch. Extremely disappointing, haven’t seen another Rune Prison since. :frowning:

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Any news about multiplayer bug for quest echoes not completing properly for anyone in the party plus consuming all party member’s stability when doing boss echoes despite it not being “completed”? And failing to access monolith bridges despite the person who actually completed the boss quest echo? And smite and lunge not being usable (probably even other single-target skills too)?

What part in here will cover the “lost connection to the game sever” issue when you are just going anywhere in the end game content?

I already mentioned this in my ingame bug report but this could be same issue as with the shrine that summons golden scorpions. Activating one that is right next to the map spawn location prevents the scorpions from appearing.

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I liked the previous solution more, where you could just disable certain languages in settings. Now I have to chose between my native language and English.
Also to change chat language I have to restart the game completely to visit login screen.
Now I’ve chosen English chat and there are still korean people, that have chosen the default english option.
This solution is a failure in every possible way.

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Whats the chance of getting glyph of insight after sealing an experimental affix ?
any chances its not working properly ? I sealed quite a phew affixes already and never got one.
Other people with same problem.

regarding the translation disaster, do we have any clues about the way EHG plan to handle it ?

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Does this go for Frost Claw triggered bij Melee Hits too?
FC seems to hit way behind the mobs. Cant tell if it actually does damage though.

That’s interesting. I wonder if it’s the same issue as the shrine that summons scorpions that does the same thing, as in nothing if it’s too close to where you spawn in.

EDIT: D’oh! Should have read the entire thread as @Azerov already mentioned this.

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Also, the Spellblade’s Enchant Weapon doesnt always auto casts if you have the node selected. Takes a couple of reloads into new zones for it to work in that particular zone, then stops again once loading into a new zone.
(Yes, i do have it on my bar.)

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