Beta 0.9.1d3 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug introduced by 0.9.1d which sometimes caused loading into Imperial Era Monolith Echoes to fail. Verifying game files did not fix this.

This issue was caused by a gap in tooling: issues like this should absolutely be caught by our own internal systems before ever making it to players, and we are working on making sure this issue does not happen again.

Otherwise, our priorities are the same as described in our 0.9.1d post.



Bug still exists on my end.

Just happened right after this post, I entered a quest echo to test straight from log in and I’m staring at the load screen. I can hear myself drop a portal and everything.

My work around has been (and remains) to alt/tab/delete and then maximize game again… When the game maximizes, my character is back at the hub. I can then enter a “normal” (non quest echoes) as usual. Then after I do at least one normal echo after log in, I can then access the quest echos.

You all are awesome. And transparent about taking ownership and responsibility. Just keep rocking it and learning. Great work nailing this down. Thanks!

EDIT: Played for an hour, no hangs at all so far.

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If this happens again can you please make a post in the Bug Reports section and include your Log File? Feel free to mention me in that thread. Sorry about the hassle.


Thank you EHG :slight_smile:

Is this game continuing development? I know 9.1 dropped in June but am I blind?? I haven’t seen a single announcement, update or even a tease. I feel I’ve got my money’s worth already from my playtime but this doesn’t seem to be the hype train it used to

They will be present at Gamescon, we think they are saving the announcement for there.
And yes the game is still in development.

Major patches are usually ~3 months apart (excluding the 1 year it took them to focus on mp) so I’d expect 0.9.2 around August (maybe September). Mike has been “leaking” pics on his weekly stream.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought EHG participated some showcase event or something at 8th of August? I think I saw them mentioning it somewhere but I couldn’t find it anymore or anything about it. I was hoping to see some sneak peek of the updates. I might have misread it, I’m not sure.

You might have remembered the 8 from the boob booth number.


he he boob

I’m just kidding. But yeah I might have :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for clarification.

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