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Beta 0.8.5b Patch Notes


Fiery Dragon Shoes

  • No longer grants 50% to 75% fire resistance.
  • Now grants +5% to 15% chance to receive a critical strike.
  • Now grants 75% to 85% less bonus damage taken from critical strikes.
  • Grants 25% to 35% chance to cast Fire Trail when you are crit (from 40% to 50%). The chance is still higher than before due to the additional chance to receive a crit.
  • Ignite inflicted by Fire Trail no longer has 20% reduced effect and 60% reduced duration.
  • Now has lore text.

Ravenous Void

  • Void Barrier conversion now always procs when you drop below your endurance threshold, even if you are immediately raised above it by an effect such as Aurora’s Time Glass.
  • Void Barriers again grant 5% less damage taken (from 6% less void damage taken in 0.8.5).
  • Now grants a Void Barrier every 5 seconds (from every 3) and the normal maximum Void Barrier stacks is 3 (from 6 in 0.8.5, from 5 before then).
  • Your Void Barriers and Maximum Void Barriers are now doubled for 3 seconds when you drop below your Endurance Threshold. After that duration all stacks of Void Barrier are converted to Mimic Feast, a damaging ailment that also disables Void Barrier Generation and Health Leech.
  • No longer converts Void Barrier stacks to Time Rot when you drop below your endurance Threshold.
  • Grants 10% - 15% of physical damage taken as void (from 60% to 75% in 0.8.5, from 25% before then).
  • Grants 10% - 15% less void damage taken (from 0% in 0.8.5, from 5% - 10% before then).
  • Grants 5% - 10% increased health (from 12% - 20% in 0.8.5, from 10% - 15% before then).
  • Grants 5 - 10 Vitality (from 8 - 10).
  • Added new buff visuals and sounds.

Torkrefin’s Hunger

  • Consuming a stack of Viscera now grants 5% bleed chance and 1% increased bleed effectiveness per 5% uncapped physical resistance (from 3% bleed chance and 1% increased bleed effectiveness per 1% uncapped physical resistance).
  • Fixed the “increased bleed effect” from its non-Viscera mod being multiplicative with other sources of increased bleed effect.
  • Now also grants 100% - 150% melee bleed chance to compensate.


Acid Flask

  • Added a new node that gives Acid Flask additional poison penetration based on your uncapped poison resistance.
  • Now states that it has 60% added damage effectiveness (this is just a description change).

Acid Flask - Cluster Bomb

  • No longer gives armor shred, which was not listed in its description.
  • Now states that it has 50% added damage effectiveness (this is just a description change).
  • Increased base damage by 25%; its base damage now aligns with its added damage effectiveness of 50%.
  • Reduced the size of its VFX to match its damaging area.
  • Fixed a bug where its damaging area would sometimes occur in incorrect locations.


  • Fusillade now adds 12 to channel cost (from 15).

Other Changes

  • Greatly improved the performance and improved the appearance of Bleed’s visual effect.
  • The icons for Dungeons and the Arena on the world map now have tooltips.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an oversight where Monolith Timeline Bosses could not drop Lightless Arbor or Soulfire Bastion keys.
  • Fixed a bug where mastery restricted abilities (requiring 25+ passive points) for other mastery classes could be unlocked and specialized.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting on a duplicated item from the Vault of Uncertain Fate affected the other copies.
  • Fixed a bug where the indicator visual effect for the falling Titanspawn in the Mountain Beneath fight was below the ground (impossible to see).
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong Monolith timeline was shown when interacting with the system while using a controller.
  • Adjusted the hitbox for Smelter’s Wrath used by Vaion, The Arsenal to more closely match its indicator and vfx.
  • Fixed a bug where Static’s damage did not benefit from its charges.
  • Fixed Bone Curse’s Signet of Agony node not working.
  • Fixed a bug where the Viscera buff from Torkrefin’s Hunger’s was consumed by indirect ability uses and some channeled abilities such as Warpath.
  • Fixed a bug where increases to Warpath’s area did not affect its visuals. The actual AoE of Warpath was still correct.
  • Fixed a bug where custom names for minions and some enemies did not work.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong side of The Mountain Beneath would light on fire sometimes.
  • Fixed the one-way Soulfire Bastion exit in Kolheim Pass having a transition icon.
  • Fixed the bar along the bottom of base class passives not filling in properly above 20 points.
  • Fixed Scalebane Rogues having incorrect ragdoll physics.
  • Fixed Cremorus not having cloth physics.
  • Fixed a typo in the description for Soulfire Shield.
  • Fixed Cremorus’ necrotic orbiting ability having an incorrect name.
  • Fixed Yrun using some incorrect sounds.

Good hotfix thanks for your hard work <3


Good hotfix thanks for your hard work <3


thank you devs

Bow Flurry was VERY painful to play after the patch. Hopefully this helps.

Thank you for the quick fixes. I’m kinda sad to see the nerf to Torkrefin’s Hunger. The damage numbers were absolutely hilarious. :grin:

So happy to get the controller Monolith bug fixed as well as the key drop rates on Monolith Bosses.

All that looks very good!

Is this negative critical strike avoidance, or is it something else?

NOOOOOOOOO! :face_with_head_bandage:

Let’s gooooooooooooooo

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Character creation menu is always bugged on linux version.


New bleed dot animation looks very good.

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It’s a separate stat from critical strike avoidance. Reaching 100% critical strike avoidance, such as by wearing Woven Flesh, will still completely prevent receiving a critical strike even with Fiery Dragon Shoes.

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So it’s a flat added crit chance for the mobs on you which would be further modified by any % increased crit chance the mobs have (mono modifiers, etc).

Maybe something similar to the “Chance to Receive a Critical Strike” stat of Critical Vulnerability?

Yes, exactly the same.


Yeah, that’s what I thought when I saw it.

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Looked like an interesting (but rather weak) Item before the patch.
Now it looks kinda useless lol!
Understandable that the bleed effect “bug” was fixed but Viscera looked gimmicky even before the patch.
But hopefully someone who has a build around this item can proof me wrong. :slight_smile:

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Before patch I got bleed ticks of a couple million, now it is in the range of 500k to 1m. This is per tick and not over its full duration. If I’d have used a “bleed pop” mechanic I’d have probably gotten 15-20m damage before the patch and now 3-5m. This can easily compete with the best bleed builds out there as far as I can tell.

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