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Beta 0.8.4h Patch Notes

EDIT: We’ve reverted this update on Steam and re-deployed 0.8.4g for now as we had some new bugs reported to us which we did not encounter internally.


  • Likely fixed a bug which would cause the LE-26 error to appear for new players.
  • Fixed a bug where new players who logged in to an account they made via our website with an incorrect password would get an LE-24 error until they restarted the game.

Good job guys!

always on the job :wink:

I thought my game was bugging out because it kept patching. Glad I checked here to see if there actually was another patch!

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good job ty guys!

just wondering, can we now get a patch to fix the buggy stash tab issue that has been going on for quite some time? People are losing stash tabs along with their items bc of them merging together for some unknown reason. I suspect it has something to do with the interaction between the quickview menu and the regular stashbar menu at the top, but I’m no tech, but have noticed at least visual discrepencies there.

You can fix your stash by editing the file directly. The issue is people accidentally dragging a category onto another one and it merges to have the same category id. If you edit the file you can change the category id to a unique number again and it fixes it.

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Which is a good workaround, but the devs need to prevent the issue from occurring before mp.

I mean they want to fix every bug, by why is it so important that this specific bug is fixed before MP? It’s something a player can easily fix and avoid in the future knowing how it is caused.

Because you won’t be able to fix it yourself in MP.

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No-one’s said that any language is coming before any other language (except English, obviously). The devs have not settled on what languages to translate LE into.

and just how exactly is one supposed to edit the file directly and correctly when on my windows 11 system I cannot even pull up a USERNAME or LocalLow file even after unhiding hidden files in the file explorer tab menu?

I cannot find a tutorial anywhere on the internet on how to do this to fix this specific issue o.o

Nothing has changed in Windows 11… The appdata folder is still there with Locallow etc… and you still have to unhide Hidden Files and folders on Windows 11 like you do in Windows 10 to see it. Its still in the same place: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData on windows 11 as it was in Windows 10.

Plenty of websites explaining how to unhide the folders/appdata if you dont know/cannot find it in Windows11. No need to repeat it here, Google is your friend.

The stash file itself (Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta) is found in:

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Saves

There is a fairly long thread about the issue here but the general gist of it is that you have to manually correct the CategoryID/TabIDs in the file via a normal text editor. It can be a little daunting/confusing if you dont understand data structures, but its basically just ensuring that all categoryids are unique, in sequence and tabids are correctly assigned to a categoryid that actually exists…