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Beta 0.8.4e Patch Notes

Temporal Sanctum

  • Chronomancer Julra now drops one of four new uniques specific to her.
    • Each dungeon tier introduces a new unique to the pool of uniques she may drop.
    • The unique always has at least 1 legendary potential.
    • The unique is always accompanied by a matching exalted item with four affixes.
    • For slots with class specific items, the matching exalted item is always compatible with your class.

New Affixes


  • Added a new body armour prefix: Level of Swarmblade Form and increased damage while transformed.
  • Added a new body armour prefix: Armour Shred Chance for Locusts.
  • Added a new body armour prefix: Level of Upheaval and increased melee damage.
  • Added a new body armour prefix: Chance to create a Shockwave on hit with Upheaval.
  • Added a new body armour prefix: Critical Strike Chance with Rampage.
  • Added a new helmet prefix: Increased Attack and Cast Speed for Summoned Vines.
  • Added a new adorned (2x2) idol prefix: Melee Physical Damage For Swarm Strike and Locusts.


  • Added a new relic prefix: Level of Umbral Blades and increased throwing damage.
  • Added a new ornate (4x1) idol prefix: Increased Damage with Umbral Blades per stack of Dusk Shroud.


  • Roots of Vithrasil’s spirit thorns projectile bonus now only applies while immobilized to prevent snapshotting abuse. It can now drop again.
  • Primal Squirrels now have a unique minion icon at the top left of the screen.
  • Added lore text for Herald of the Scurry.


Swarmblade Form

  • Dive now scales with movement speed, but is 5% slower by default. This makes it much quicker to use.
  • Swarm Strike now has 300% added damage effectiveness (from 200%) but only has 2 base damage (from 20). The new base damage is in line with other melee skills.
  • Increased the cast speed of manually summoning Locusts by 33%.

Summon Spriggan

  • Added a downed animation for the Summon Spriggan companion.



  • Force of Nature now properly states that it grants added melee and spell physical damage, instead of adaptive spell damage. This is only a tooltip change.
  • Force of Nature node now also adds 25% armor shred chance for Locusts as an 8 point bonus.


  • Updated the sound of Roar for Primal Bear companions.
  • Updated sounds for the Summon Bear skill.
  • Updated the sound for purchasing a stash tab.
  • Changed the sound effect for Fire Nova.
  • Removed placeholder sounds from Entangling Roots seeds.
  • Fixed a missing sound for the Voidfused Forge’s magma pool attack.
  • Improved mixing for casting sound effects.


  • Improved the performance and reduced the visual noise of Ice Bite, which is used by Primal Wolf companions and Frozen Wolf enemies.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused the monster mod restrictions to be ignored. For example, Rare Void Horrors could have the Summons Ethereal Reflections mod in 0.8.4, which was not intended.
  • Fixed a bug where dying right as you changed from one Druid form to another would break your character’s visuals and gameplay until you relogged.
  • Likely fixed a bug where Elder Erza would sometimes not spawn at the end of Last Refuge Outskirts.
  • Fixed Locusts not targeting Lagon.
  • Fixed Locusts getting stuck after spawning in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug where Fury Leap’s Rise and Poisonous Thicket nodes gave less chance to summon vines than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Upheaval Totems with Rejuvenating Splinters could not shatter other totems.
  • Fixed a bug where Crowstorm cast via Swarmblade Form’s Inspiring Swarm would cast in front of the crows instead of at the targeted location.
  • Fixed a bug where Abyssal Echoes’s Rippling Corrosion only applied its armor shred if you also had the Potent Corruption node.
  • Fixed a bug where refreshing Ravaging Aura’s duration did not work (it would end as if you hadn’t triggered it again).
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Primalist idol affix which granted mana back upon transforming back into human form from working.
  • Fixed a bug where Swipe’s Way of the Hunt node granted ten times more leech than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Thorn Shield with the Glacial Grove node could cast Maelstrom on allies without needing Maelstrom’s Storm’s Aid node.
  • Fixed a bug where Ice Thorns’ Barbed Thorns node granted 30% bleed chance and 5% more damage per point, instead of the stated 20% bleed chance.
  • Fixed a bug where the damage bonus from Serpent Strike’s Septic Wounds applied twice to targets afflicted by both blind and blinding poison, and clarified its tooltip to reflect this.
  • Fixed a somewhat rare bug that could cause the player to move in the wrong direction when trying to pick up items from the ground.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Formosus, Argentus and Rahyeh to not say their voice lines in the Monolith of Fate.
  • Fixed a minor audio bug that could occur when the player turned around very quickly.
  • Fixed a bug where Entangling Roots’s wrap VFX on enemies did not match its duration if you had the Entrapped node.
  • Fixed a bug where Storm Crawlers did not lose their lightning VFX upon death.
  • Fixed the Acolyte holding spears in an incorrect position.
  • Clarified that Werebear’s Bringer of Storms node only works for Maul and Rampage.

Edit: 0.8.4e originally had a bug which caused minion icons to not stack. We’ve re-released the patch to address this, but you’ll have to download the update.


I like the Dive change, good call!

Yay x 2 !

And off I go for some more Dungeon farming… :wink:


I was actually holding all my keys until this was added. (I haven’t run the Dungeon yet at all).

Oh boy, some juicy things here

All Acolyte minion icons are now showing up individually rather than together in one icon with a number indicator.


Wow you have some serious willpower… I ran in eagerly to get my butt handed to me at T4… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just hopped in game on my werebear, now each vine is listed at the top of the screen individually, it is very cluttered. But thankyou for the fix on the fury leap node!


Was actually looking into a shammy totem build next, glad to see this was fixed!

Also true for my Necromancer… 9 skeletons, 5 skeleton mages, 1 golem, 1 abomination, stetched across the top of the screen from side-to-side. It,s funny, but… very annoying.

It’s related to the addition of the squirrel icon. I think I know how to fix it.


Same, once I read in chat a while ago that she was supposed to be dropping uniques.


I was in game and I did four Dungeon runs, then I left and saw this! :cry:


This has now been fixed internally and we’re working on getting another hotfix out.


In the dungeon it stated that the unique item would drop with a matching exalted item. Is this a guarantee for it to happen every boss fight or is it a chance? I am asking because I just ran one with no matching exalted item. I was just wondering.

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with Roots of Vithrasil’s spirit thorns projectile bonus - I still get a big damage boost when snapshotting the boots but have just lost the extra projectiles. i guess the bonus damage in form is still working even when snapshotted or is it just a UI issue

Any chance your filter is hiding it?

Thank you!!