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Beta 0.8.3d Patch Notes


  • Tundra Nova (Frozen Ire proc) now has a freeze rate of 80 (up from 0), and this is shown on its alt tooltip.
  • Frost Nova (Ice Barrage proc) now has a freeze rate of 40 (up from 30), and this is now shown on its alt tooltip.
  • Fixed the “ward granted when casting flame ward” idol affix having an incorrect range of values. It now has a range of 28 to 64.
  • The tooltip for items in the Gambler’s shop now state that they cannot be a unique or set item.
  • The visuals for Fire Aura now fade out smoothly when its duration expires.
  • The sub-ability of Forge Strike that makes Forged Weapons is now called “Summon Forged Weapon” (from “Summon Weapon”).
  • Added new hit sounds for Javelin and Void Cleave.
  • Added new general hit sounds for bladed and blunt weapons.
  • Added falling sand and incense burner ambient sounds to the Temple of Majasa.
  • Increased the volume of Saazhar in Soreth’ka.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where certain zones (such as Thetima) appeared totally black when using SMAA.
  • Increased the duration Rebuke needs to be channeled before it activates to 0.2 seconds. This is a temporary change to avoid very buggy behavior in some situations while we look into a fix.
  • Fixed a bug where the “The Scalebane” quest could not be turned in to Zerrick until the “Arjani, The Ruby Commander” quest had been completed.
  • Fixed a bug where login credentials were not remembered properly for the standalone version of the game. (You’ll need to login one more time for it to be fixed).
  • Fixed a bug where Majasa could be one-shot in a brief window before Phase 2 starts.
  • Fixed a bug where leaving The Dry River after triggering the Scarab Broodkeeper encounter could prevent the Missing Merchant quest from advancing.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the latter parts of combo abilities to be used repeatedly in some situations. This includes the Dash ability from Javelin’s Surprise Initiative node.
  • Fixed a bug where converting Warpath to Fire or Void did not properly trigger element specific effects, such as “chance to poison with fire skills”.
  • Fixed a bug where Shadows created by Lethal Mirage’s Gloom and Doom node did not attack.
  • Fixed the charged version of Detonating Arrow playing sounds at incorrect times.
  • Fixed the tooltip for Forge Strike listing incorrect minion scaling for Forged Weapons, and stating that they last 10 seconds (they last 20 seconds).
  • Fixed Forge Strike’s Shrapnel node saying it reduces the duration of Forged Weapons by 60%, when it actually reduces it by 75%.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Endurance while channeling Warpath” affix was a suffix instead of a prefix.
  • Fixed a bug with Scales of Eterra where non-spell abilities could trigger Infusions.
  • Fixed a bug where controller keybind changes could be forgotten in some cases.
  • Fixed the world map stating incorrect levels for the Stolen Lance and Black Sun timelines.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Flame Reave would appear underground when cast via Surge.
  • Fixed a bug where the buff icon for Teleport’s Time Dilation did not last for the correct duration (this was only a visual issue).

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s fast patching. <3

Wow freeze buff. Thank you!

Does Warpath actually have conversion to fire/void?

I am excited to hear the new javelin sound as the original sound was quite irritating. I have a suggestion for the Forge Strike sound. I was thinking it would be cool if there was a clanking sound to go with the smash similar to a blacksmith smashing his hammer on steal. Also, please update the visuals for Forge Strike as well as all Forge Guard skills. Hammer Throw could also use some cooler visuals. Thanks.

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Yes, in the Warpath tree there are both

Now, if only they can replace the “Mouse Sneeze” with an actual gold coin sound.


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I knew it was too good to be true. Not a big deal but the displayed range now contains decimals:

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Can you fix the necromancer because those changes bug the hell out of me. Lol

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TY for quick patch note! hoep we will have a minion buff soon to be able to play necro again please!!!

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Mtx please!

I’d prefer they focus on the core of the game rather than MTX, to be fair.

This is so overly stated. When will it end?

This is also overly stated. This forum has so many dead horses that just continue to get kicked every chance one gets lol. They get it guys, I promise.

It’s a neverending game! :stuck_out_tongue:

They have been focusing on the core game. I’m just saying it’s time to give those who want mtx some love.

Yes, understood.
What I’m saying is: the core game is not finished, so it is not time for MTX.

You and I don’t agree, EHG decide. :wink:

Gonna join this train to see if I get any enjoyment out of it. Im genuinely curious lol.

This is the case regardless. You have no control on this, so stating is pointless. Does Jerle know EHG will be the deciding factor? Yeah, probably. Yay!

Ive been having that pet you get from getting a supporter or… something. Anyway, hes cool, but pointless at this stage of development. This, with the other posts asking for MTX have been heard! If the devs dont know by now, um…

Yeah, didnt enjoy that at all. Ill just leave those who like the back and forth bickering… to just do so! Shtrak, Jerle, continue!

I think commenting on the cycle is pretty close to participating in it :wink:

In any case, yes, there are definitely points that get brought up again and again, but no, we don’t really mind. As long as people are being pleasant.


Noted. I dont typically mind, but Im noticing its the same few always going back and forth. Its squabbling and imo, polluting a majority of the great threads that are underway.

Maybe Im just venting, apologies if annoying.

I disagree, but that’s a discussion for another thread! haha! <3

Not before they updated all 3d arts it would impact game negatively in larger community
Edited : by that i mean all skills (visual level of static orb) and gear