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Beta 0.8.3d Patch Notes

Hey, this game could be like Star Citizen which had its hand slapped by a European board like the FTC, selling people ships that don’t exist yet. Let’s go extreme!!

(joking; amusing that there is a way of doing MTX in Early Access that manages to be dubious, don’t have any concern about this topic otherwise)

I shall continue to eagerly await any news on the necromancer, even if it’s just a rationale of the current design (so at least i have something to tear into) I’ve been trying to give as much data as possible, but this past week has felt like I’m the only one who’s even bothered to load up the class at times.

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Yeah nice aound its now, for me arrows have the most irritating noise. Before in any arpg rainger was my favourite class now i cant play it it sounds very bad to me personaly
Edited: except for the sound i have a feeling there is no force behind them d2 sound for me all the way :slight_smile:
Would be nice if sound mtx will be possibility in future

What’s the problem with necro? I’m following boardman elemental ranged necro build and it seems fine?

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Me too, just did Majasa much quicker than I killed her with my Bladedancer (also a Boardman build) :slight_smile:

The message about necros here is very aggressive. But, scaling into content beyond the story, necromancers tank, and for some players the playstyle is the antithesis of what the developers aimed for in 0.83. If you get to empowered monoliths or high arena waves, you see your options to scale dwindle. Compare that to other classes such as that bladedancer, who will be having no problems with proper spec and gearing.

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in synthesis as a pet class u have much more stats to invest into to make it viable compare to other classes. That why u should have much more option into pet skill to balance it and this is where we struggle given récent nerf to wraiths (from infinite to 6 and decay super faster) and shade and skeletons(less base skele) and golem with less aggro now. Plus our main layer of defense that is ward is forced agaisnt vitality and health regen (shade now scaling with vitality when it was int before) that give us even more struggle endgame. And I’m not even talking about pet IA that is another story. I love my necro but when I’m comparing to other classes or enevn what I can do with my lich it’s behond in therm of given toolkit in passive and skills tree.

Also forgot to mention that our best pet skill, the zombie get double nerfed, it generate 33% less ard and haling now, and the big zombie node got super hammer nerfed too. So all of these combine nerfs will need am adjustemnt to keep the class enjoyable. And I completly understand that this is early acess, so for sure that normal that adjustment and optimisation is needed, that why player need to give feedback, and with around 500h on necro mainly I think I can give a good and fair one

Agree its all constructive criticism from those who obviously like playing the necro.
And yes endgame has been hit hardest. Really struggling with damage.
I feel skills wise only minor adjusting is needed to some skills like making shade back to int remove 18s to 5s cool down from the always crit, and have a conversion to elemental dmg and chance not just poison. making big zombies 150 health so its worth using all the mana it costs wraiths prob should double the numbers. Max 16 and Max 4 that don’t decay and shoot multiple projectiles. Because they decay faster/ what they should of been i would like the tree to revert back to wraiths instead of vanguards which are absolutely crap.
Overall the changes to skills are good the numbers are just all wrong especially for end game.

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Thanks for your responses everyone, I haven’t got to end game yet so that’s probably why I’m not feeling the issues you are.

I hope they buff the necro if they are currently undertuned compared to other classes, have the devs suggested they will?

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They’ve said they’re listening and taking suggestions in mind, and there’s every reason to believe them.

After latest patch, I see giant pink and green pools in arenas and on some monos where there should be strairs there is void - it’s like I’m levitating. Many monos crash on load. Anyone else experience this? Did latest patch break graphics?

hum I havent experience any graphical issue on my side

YESSS :smiley:

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