Beta 0.7.8 Patch Notes

Спасибо, неожиданно! ))) но где обещанная рога и луки с арбалетами? (

I hear that! I’m like “Kids! Bed time is 5pm today!”

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Yay \O/
I always though that your build wasn’t laggy enough ^^

my PC is an i9750h and a GTX 1660ti I put everything in the ultra but the shadow in medium, I noticed that this patch has many areas that used to run smoothly at 60 fps now it doesn’t even reach 18 fps … one of the places I notice is the ancient cavern .

I’m late to the party! Can’t play for another 9hrs! Boohoo T_T

Getting very bad performance now. Running Ryzen 5 3600x, 2070 super, 32GB RAM. Seeing zones struggling to hit 40 fps where before would range 70-120. The End of Time is particularly bad, sitting at 21 fps stationary, 6 fps if I try to move. Rather frustrating because I just upgraded my PC to get performance out of this game.

Have a sentinel character level 26, looks like my passive tree was reset, but I still have all of the skills I originally got from the passive tree… Has this happened to anyone else? Re assigning skill points now, but don’t recall where I had them all before…


Since the new patch i got a bug on skill point allocation i have “the sound notification, the animation icon” but when i click on skill panel there “0 unspent point” to allocate ?

It’s not a bug. It is because the skills now take more exp to level. They just chose to not take points away from you. The skills just need to “catch up” in exp to get back to where they were.

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Oooh, this all looks so, so good. Well done, Dev team!

Now I’am hooked up again.Leveling my elemental nova mage.Keep it comin guys and keep up the good work.Stay safe…

Devs The toolbar for skills DPS, will be introduced into future patch?


well done with the game so far. its alot of fun!
confused on the phase 3 tho. thought it was suppose to come with this patch 0.7.8
mainly my question is when will multiplayer be online cuz i think the multiplayer feel. is what most of us are waiting upon.

best regard! keep up the good work!

Hey Vaangis,

I’d suggest checking out the Q&A in our Early Access Development Forecast thread.

To summarize, each phase of the forecast does not represent a single patch. We release content patches approximately once every six weeks, and forecast entries are often included in these.

Our Early Access Forecast is intended to offer an approximate order in which we will implement various classes and features in future updates. Some entries in the forecast might be expedited (such as Chapter 8) and others might be delayed (such as the demo).

Nope, they’ve never said when phase 3 will start to be released, though chapter 8 is in phase 3.

okay my bad sorry!

thanks for the response.

No problem at all. :smile:

Do we have any ETA on when the QA is done for Linux ?


MSI GL75 9SFK - after the patch FPS is anywhere from 100ish to 20ish, game basically unplayable. Before the patch, it was so smooth and razor sharp.

And the CPU temp is now about 90-92 Celcius…after 15 - 20 minutes WHILE…after 4 -5 hrs of AC Odyssey on very high it is 70-72…

When Im back home I will see what it looks like on my home rig.

I got the laptop to specifically play LastEpoch and AssassinCreed as Im travelling constantly. And now I will have to shelve LE untill dev fix it.

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“Fixed a bug where having a large number of Wandering Spirits could cause player movement to become unresponsive”

This is not fixed, I still encounter stutter and char movement unresponsiveness when there are alot of Wandering Spirits.

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