Best Game Ever?

Very simple: what is the “best” game you have ever played? And why?
You can only pick ONE! I know, it is rough, but rules are rules. :wink: Any category, doesn’t have to be an ARPG.

Best overall for me: Discworld MUD.
Mind blowing amount of options, amazing writing all the way through, great community and spirit… Nothing else ever came close.

As my “best ever” is text based, if I would pick a best ever “game with graphics”, it would be Baldur’s Gate, hands down. First time I saw it on a friend’s computer was a revelation. So far ahead from anything I had played before! I was instantly hooked.

A few runner-ups, in no particular order:
Doom, because it felt so innovative.
Diablo 1, same reason.
Sid Meier’s Pirates. Never been sure why, but I spent ages on this game.
Sacred, sadly underrated and absent from most “best arpgs” lists, but I absolutely loved it. Must have been the open world.
Warcraft 2. My favourite RTS, back when RTS were still a thing. Closely followed by Command&Conquer:Red Alert.
Heroes of Might and Magic. Surprised noone ever made a remaster, this was a great series.
Disco Elysium. Very original concept, and some of the best writing, if not the best, in recent years.
Witcher 3. So beautiful and atmospheric! Instant complete immersion.
World of Warcraft, Cataclysm. All the quests and the universe itself suddenly became so much more interesting…

I am sure I forgot some great ones I will regret, but the list would be too long… Your turn.


Lufia 2 for sure. One of the few JRPGs I played for the first time 20 years ago and it was love at first sight. It has amazing story, characters, gameplay, soundtrack, puzzles, rogue-like dungeon and an optional world-wide side-quest lol. I do at least one playthrough of the game each year and I never get bored.

Breath of Fire 2 and 3 (never beat 4 lol).
Chrono Trigger
Captain Tsubasa 2
Diablo 2
Grim Dawn


I have never been an avid computer gamer so my depth is a little limited to probably about a couple of dozen games that I’ve played enough to ‘know’ them.

To date I’ll have to say Grim Dawn. Loved the world, the lore, the playthroughs. I put a lot of time into that game including being a big part of the community for a few years.


Mafia 1, GTA San Andreas, TES Oblivion, Far Cry 1, Need for Speed Underground 2, Zelda Ocarina of Time, AoE 2, just to name a couple of them.
My all time favourite is the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series.

Video games used to be better. Late 90s/early 00s was video gaming prime.
I think the whole online/twitch/lootbox/battlepass bullshit ‘‘destroyed’’ the old gaming philosophy. People are constantly competing and it’s all about money and fame nowadays, back then it was simply about fun.

Modern games i really love are PoE/Remnant/PUBG/Rocket League/Last Epoch/Valheim.
I just got older, so i cant really compare those games to the old ones, different mindset, different era.


Marvel Heroes


The best game I have ever played is a game by a little independent studio called Vanillaware, who usually publishes their games through Atlus, called “Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir.” It is a side scrolling action RPG akin to ActRaiser or a Metroidvania game. Technically it’s a remaster /upres of the original Odin Sphere, which I also adore, but a lot of content and gameplay mechanics were added to make the game more interesting, most of which remarkably can be turned off. They were really trying to honor the original in everything they did with it.

The story is that the nations of this world have taken to the field of battle to fight over the cauldron that allows them to make their horrific weapons forged from the crystals of the underworld. A princess, a rabbit man, a black knight, a faerie and a witch all are intertwined by fate during the battles and politics that unfold and they must find some way to prevent their people and their lives from being torn apart permanently. Perhaps, if they really get it right and make their stand together, they can change their destiny.

I can’t say any more without giving it away, but there’s fun twists and neat relationships in the story, and all of the mythology is right on point. Vanillaware really gets it when it comes to the meaning of the creatures and the lines that the characters say. The little life lessons and the insights about society and fate are awesome. This is definitely a game I would play with my kids if I wanted them to learn about and enjoy the great stories of the past.

My favorite character is Elfaria, the queen of the Faeries. She has a killer line that I repeat to myself sometimes. Spoilers if you click the ‘details’ button below to see that line:

As she lay dying, having fought for her people and failed to protect them, Elfaria says to her daughter:

“In life I was known as Elfaria. My true name is Fimbulvetr. This awful winter… Will disappear with me…”

In other words, this only happened because of my incompetence. But you can exceed what I’m capable of. Do not despair but go succeed where I have failed.

I adore everything about this game down to the art and the sound track. It’s one of the few I think rivals Ogre Battle 64 for just being plain brilliant. This is probably because Atlus helped Vanillaware compile and compose some of the music. They have been known for that across time, so it would not surprise me if that was partially thanks to them. Everything about this game is awesome, I could gush about it for ages.

If I had one tiny gripe, the ending is depressing and lets you down a bit. It’s not a bad ending, it just wraps everything up so tightly that there’s no mystery or fun left in the plot when it’s over. Which is fine, I just would’ve liked it better had it been a little different.

The runners up are games like Hades, Shadow of the Colossus, Dark Souls 1, Megaman X, Galaga, Touhou 1: Highly Responsive to Prayers, Persona 4, Fallout 1, Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle 64, Doom, Doom 2016, Morrowind, Super Metroid, Mario 3, Bioshock, Eternal Darkness, Devil May Cry, Sonic the Hedgehog, Starcraft, Diablo 2, Strike Suit Zero, Divinity: Original Sin, the list goes on. But if you have not played Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, you are really missing out. Must play, 10 out of 10.

If you get done and you feel sad that it’s over, Vanillaware also made a very similar game before Odin Sphere called “Masamune: The Demon Blade.” It’s a very similar game but the writing isn’t as tight. Most of the fun comes right at the end in the DLC. But if you’re looking for more Vanillaware fun, it’s definitely worth your time as well. Dragon’s Crown, also. It is a fun beat 'em up in the style of Golden Axe. It’s more fun with friends, but you may enjoy it if you enjoyed Odin Sphere.


Im a basic bitch so I will just go by time played, PoE. A tad over 3k hours.


screw that Persona 4


I have to go with diablo 2.

Reason being when it actually came out that game had soo much going for it and i used to be soo excited to buy one of those gaming magazines every week just to find out some secret d2 stuff!

I used to stay up all night and then lie to my parents that i woke up early even though i never slept! (Paid the price in school) Game was addicting and it just felt good to play it

No other game has come even close to how diablo 2 felt like granted its older now and there are better games now but none of the newer games compare how diablo 2 felt.


If you have Grim Dawn you should check out the mod Reign of Terror, amazing remake of D2 using GD’s engine.


Played that one multiple times and its really good mod! Used to recommend that mod to people who had never played d2 / didn’t want the OG d2 graphics (before resurrected)

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Cool, just had to make sure you knew about it given your post. I wish they would update it, its been over a year (but the devs say its being worked on).

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Persona 4 is definitely one of my favorite games. I forgot to include that in my list. The story is so well written, it’s crazy.

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This is the mod that allowed me to finally ‘experience’ the story of d2. I tried playing D2 itself but it gave me awful motion sickness. GD and it’s various mods never did so that was nice.


It was so damn good huh? Persona 3 was also good, I rank it equal to 5. Atlus just does not miss with the franchise as a whole, SMT games are also amazing even without all the text. I wish SMT 5 was not exclusive to the Switch, it got cock blocked hardcore from a technical standpoint. I own it never the less :joy:

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Yeah they got a lot of the psychology and mythology right in that game also. It’s actually amazing how far ahead of its time it really is. (Or how well read the writers were for their time, more like.)

Despite what people say about the battle system, I really enjoyed it also. I find it really charming, almost on the same level as Final Fantasy or Pokemon. Has a nice retro feel to it.

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Sadly, Google tells me it is PS exclusive. :frowning_face:
I play only on PC. Someone needs to port it so I can give it a go!

Sounds interesting…
I don’t like mangas or manga-like graphics, there are lots of games I have never tried because of it. This includes Final Fantasy. I guess I am missing out on a lot of good stuff. :confused:


Very true.
And the modern concept that a game has to be played forever (“Game as a service” or something like that). That also changed a lot the spirit in which games are made and published.


Oh boy that’s hard. When I look at my gaming history it needs to be Deus Ex or Final Fantasy 7. If I had to choose I think I nolifed FF7 a tad bit more as well as every other part of the frenchise up to 8.

Edit: Nah one sec… Miltiped hooked me on gaming so this needs to be the best game because it showed me the world of gaming on an Atari console :smiley: .


I too found it charming, and the social link system was on point. I was never a fan of pokemon, but I would not quit 4 until I had 100% compendium. Took over 100 hours but I did it, and it was never a chore. Mara will forever be my favorite :rofl: Did you play 5 or royale? If so how did you like it? I thought 5 was good if not a little played out, but I bought royale and really need to find time to play it.

I have never read a manga nor watched any anime beyond DBZ and Death Note. I dont necessarily think these are “weeb” games, they are just very well made, well written rpg’s with fun battle system. If you ever have 100 hours free, you should play any of them from 3 up :rofl: Final Fantasy is in a weird place, but there are some real gems. 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 ,12 are all worth playing imo.


I see…
Make it 600 hours free. :joy: