Beast Master limit

With abilities the beastmaster is supposed to be able to summon up to 4 pets with abilities. Apparently you can still only summon 1 of each type of pet. I cant believe this is how the devs intend the game to work. Since you only have 5 slots of abilities to specialize in, a pet with no skill points is worthless. Am I missing something or is this class a complete joke as it appears to be.

People usually run either max wolves or max birds, as those companions have actually good trees and can have exactly as many pets as your companion limit.

The other pet trees are hopelessly outdated.

Thanks - That’s discouraging, but it’s good to know. I can’t believe the developers are doing this on purpose. Only being able to have one pet of each type is crippling to the class

lol no it isn’t. Melodrama is not how you get them to listen to you.

they are not, they said in the past that they want to revisit the pet trees and make them better.

The Necromancer can have large numbers of pets that also get many abilities.

It is. The Beastmaster isn’t intended to be a horde-style summoner like the Necro, this is why you can res the Primalist Companions and they have active skills you can use.

There is a somewhat popular build specifically based around having multiple kinds of companions.