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Bastion of honour

What’s the deal here? I’ve done over 900 empowered monoliths, spent countless hours of farming, The black sun unique and set items shields monoliths. I got shitloads of other unique shields and set ones which are just garbage. since most are… I do enjoy a bit of farm, but this is just getting ridicolous…

It’s a very rare item.

It’s not that I don’t understand it’s rare. But farming for 1 item in over, right now, 1000 empowered Black sun +200 echoes which include unique shield ones. You can calculate the amount of time I’ve spent, in a Beta just to find that shield. Everything we do right now will be obsolete when this game go live anyway and therefore I think it’s a little too much. Beta for me is a time when you try new things, builds and other stupid ideas you can come up with to really test the game. Not spending days - weeks of farming an item because it’s so rare. Maybe it’s just me, but I still find it ridicoulous :slight_smile:

I agree with you and I will go even further…
Bastion of Honor is an item that brings quality of life, but no more. It raises your survivability. It does not enable new builds, it does not activate something new. It makes your more resistant.
I won’t call that useless, but I strongly feel it does not deserve so much time.
If it drops, great! I know how to use it. If it does not drop, I’ll do the same builds with less block chance.

Maybe we have a different understanding but this is not QoL for me. QoL is something which makes playing easier but does not add any kind of survivability and/or damage. Like auto-casting buffs or using flasks.

If it increases your survivability it can enable builds which otherwise lack defense or allows you to push higher corruption getting better rewards.

Maybe it’s not the right term, English is not my language. :wink:
I mean that it makes your life easier.

It does not “enable”, in the sense that there is nothing in the game that “works only if you hold a Bastion of Honor”. Sure if you have more survivability you can play a bit differently, but it will probably not be tremendously different.


My intention was not to start an argument about it’s use in different builds. Tho I can think of builds where it might be mandatory to survive at higher corruptions. I have an idea where I really need it to get a little bit more survivability. And I think it might help me with that atleast at lower corruptons before getting the specific items that my stupid build needs. I was arguing the droprate in a beta, not how useful it is for every build. Take care guys!


I rage quit after yet another attempt at sanctum dungeon. Fire up the game to farm more items to get all my resists maxed, look in my inventory to see what I left in there… yep bastion of honour. Did not even notice it when I picked it up :astonished:

there won’t be a wipe once the game goes live so what ever you do now will carry over. Also I find this game to be heavily rng and target farming is almost impossible. I’ve played since day 1 and have never gotten the omivadence staff but 2 hours after the patch I got the bastion of honour in the campaign. You might also want to try using ascendance runes on shields as an alternative way to see if you get lucky there.

To be clear u have to start new char in online mode example multiplayer.

yes that is true. I can’t ever imagining starting again and collecting shards again so I’ll steer well clear of MP.

A small update. Le is a great game, but it’s not for me. I’ve actually given up. 1100 empowed Black Sun+200-300 echoes later I’ve spent too much time farming for this “rare shield” I’m moving on. I don’t feel the urge to play this game any further. And if this is the drop rate for this kind of item, when game goes live. Well, I don’t know if I will be back. Take care ppl!

Taking a break from a game is something that is totally ok.

I would recommend returning and trying something entirely different next time and you will eventually get a Bastion Of Honour without thinking about it.

For build enabling items I would totally understand, that you don’t feel any urge to keep grinding, but BoH is just a defensive powerhouse, that is not even strictly better than a very well crafted shield.

In all the time you have spent farming this shield, did you try to craft some T20 shields?
Is all of your other gear already perfect?

Sometimes RNG is RNG, but generally speaking LE has so much more target farmable stuff and is much better for a solo environment than a lot of other similar games.

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