Is the drop rate of Bastion of Honour really this rare?

I have been playing the game for over a year. More like a year and a half and have Never gotten this shield. Now that I have been playing in corruption level 100 monoliths, specifically “The Black Sun” which supposedly drops Helmets and Shields specifically, I have had hours of rarity levels around 120 to 150% and Never gotten this shield to drop even when I have gone after the landings which are just for unique/set shield drops or unique pieces for extended periods of time. All while hunting, I have been using Runes of Ascendency, 8 in fact, and every time I have gotten junk like the Slab over and over. I know that it’s supposed to be Very Rare but when the system says you have close to 150% chance to fine a rare item, that should actually mean something… So far it means absolutely nothing. If you are already hunting in a guaranteed landing which will drop a unique period, it means nothing apparently. I had thought that by increasing your “chance of rarity” higher and higher, it meant that it made it easier to find rarer items but the more I play the more I find that very hard to believe. Now that I am in my 90’s across a few characters, I am finding the same things dropping no matter where I go depending on level, not rarity chance, in the monoliths.

Yes, it is very rare. If the game rolls to drop a specific unique, it then rolls again to “confirm”. Bastion of Honour has an 85% chance to fail that second roll.

Wow! That is almost like gambling house rules lol

Oddly enough, I guess I can thankfully say that I have almost every one of the really rare ones on the list except maybe 5 or 6. Including the 90% ones. I guess I should count myself lucky and I didn’t even know it lol.

Bastion of Honour is more a point of pride I guess. Everyone talks about it like it’s a badge of honour. No pun intended honestly. It sounded like everyone has it. I thought I was like the only person Not finding this thing.

I felt like that about orions eye, took me 800 hours to get one lol. But I finally have it!

meanwhile I have like 5 bastions hehe

Bastion Of Honour just got added in Patch 0.8.3

So it’s only avaialble for 5 months.

RNG is RNG sometimes.

Playing on higher difficulty with a lot of % increase itme rarity, does only “indirectly” increase your chances for more rare items, simply by getting more chances.
You will drop more uniques overall, but the chance of getting rare uniques itself stays the same.

If you want this one Item specifically it wont drop and if you don’t need it anymore it will drop like candy. RNG is RNG.

While I hunted for my own Creator Unique, when Patch 084 dropped, I spent 30 horus of playtime, 18 Unique Weapon Echoes and 6 Runes of Ascendence to get it.
My Unique is in the same rarity range of Bastion Of Honour.

During that 30 hour playtime perioid farming my unique, I did drop THREE Bastion Of Honour’s.

2 random drop and 1 fro ma generic “Unqiue Item” Echo.

Yeah RNG can be a real pain.
Especially if you really want that one specific item.
For me it’s Salt the wound and Apathys Maw.
I’m trying to farm them and even got the blessing to increase my chance but no luck yet.
Meanwhile I have 2 Orians Eye since like forever and 2 or 3 Bastions… both items I don’t really use.
So yeah, just like in real life: When you are looking for it you won’t find it. As soon as you stop looking for it, it suddenly appears.

I got thsi one 2 times in last level of sanctum (tiers IV). I dont know how subjective it is, but I feel that try to clean the last floor until you have full bag of exlated/unique is a really method, if you dont target specifically a boss item ofc

Just to be sure, because it’s not entirely clear if you are refering to both unqiues or just Salt The Wound.

Apathy’s Maw drop chance is not affected by drop rate blessings.
However Boss Specific Uniques are affected by %Item Rarity (and thus by corruption as well) as well as depths of the shade.

Apathy’s Maw is the first of the 3 non-guaranteed drops of Shade and is not particularly rare, if you push corruption and/or %inc. Item Rarity enough.
While it’s obviously still RNG, with enough effort you only need a few shade kills to drop it once, it’s not THAT rare.

For exalted farming, dungeon runs are phenomenal, especially if the very first modifier on the door is already something you are interested in that affects regualr mobs dropping and not only the boss, because then, clearing the first floor is already worth it.

Uniques however don’t have a particularly high chance dropping in the dungeon.
Regular MoF with a lot of % inc. Item Rarity would be much better for random unique farming.

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yes that makes sense, + as a bonus the atmosphere and music of the dungeon is really great, love it! btw I wonder is there an end to floor space? I mean I always end up full bag before clearing everything for the 2 epoch before ending it so I wonder??

I have to admit I am not 100% sure how drops work in this game so I used the logic I know from other games. What I mean by that is that my Two-Handed Axe drop rate blessing increases the chance that Orobyss drops one and the unique blessing increases my chance that it’s a unique. But because Apathys Maw is a unique specific to Orobyss this logic is probably wrong in Last Epoch. :sweat_smile:

You logic works for random droppable uniques.

But yeah, as I said, boss drops, liek Shade Uniques or MoF Timelineboss Uniques are not affected by blessings at all.

The only chance for oyu to increase the drop chance for Apathy’s Maw is stacking %inc. Item Rarity, since that does increase the chance for rare boss drops.

Feel bad for you. I play for less than 2 months and got 1 drop for me in normal monos.
But now karma returns and tells me that either my email or password is incorrect, thus can’t log in to play game
So it must be me doing magic to post this reply lol.

How does corruption effect your chance to get rare items?

Volcko, in answer to your thought on how far out you can go, I was wondering the same thing. So far in Black Sun, I have not stopped or corrupted in a week and have completed 65 echos. I have a ton of corruption locations around the outer areas now but I still have some areas that are open to me to the far left that I am still exploring. I have been at 1600 stability according to the top of the map for a long time which seems to be the most stability the map can have.

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Corruption increases the item rarity modifier.

So the more corrupt a monolith the better your chances of finding rare items? lol Cool

Yes, and the more modifiers you have stacked up the higher your chance.

Ahhh! I see! I just did a +17 corruption landing. The first corruption I have done in empowered Black Sun, so it went from 50 rarity chance to item rarity 58. So each time I beat a corruption landing, the rarity chance base will go up. Does the corruption landing’s rating (for instance the +17) determine how much of an increase the base rarity chance will go up by?